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Published: January, 2012
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Although facing great uncertainty, China is preparing to shift its growth pattern after the new government comes into power. Li keqiang, the new prime minister of China, said that if there is over-reliance on government-led and policy-driven measures to stimulate growth, not only is this unsustainable, but it would even create new problems and risks, indicating that China has little room for policy stimulus. In 2008, China timely promulgated a USD643 billion (RMB4 trillion) stimulus policy to deal with the economic crisis, causing some merchants to believe that policymakers would carry out a similar stimulus policy to guarantee economic growth. However, the new government refuses to continue the old route, downplaying expectations of any policy relaxation.

The TiO2 price continued its downtrend in May 2013. Benefiting from the falling TiO2 price, downstream coating companies enjoyed a decent increase in profit despite flat or even adverse revenue growth. Kronos announced price increases for all TiO2 products for the second time in the year, reflecting its optimism regarding the future TiO2 market. The Vietnamese government intends to raise its ilmenite export duty from 30% to 40%, which might raise TiO2 production costs and restrain the downtrend of TiO2 prices. Besides, many TiO2 companies cut their inventory through reducing production in 1Q 2013, which is expected to accelerate the de-stocking process. All of these factors have collectively impacted the current TiO2 market.

Exchange rate in May 2013, USD1=RMB6.22; EUR1=RMB8.09 For further information, please feel free to contact us.


Import volume of TiO2 was up 28.07% while its export volume was up 63.32% in March 2013 compared with the previous month.

The total supply of titanium feedstock in China was 0.41 million tonnes in March 2013, increasing by 24.24% compared with that in Feb. 2013.

TiO2 prices declined further in May and the TiO2 industry was still undergoing a de-stocking process.

DuPont’s TiO2 business volume went up by 8% while prices fell down by 9% in 1Q 2013.

Pangang Group delivered excellent operating performance while maintaining a low TiO2 inventory rate at the end of 2012.

Four global TiO2 giants all suffered dramatic profit declines in 1Q 2013 due to lower TiO2 product prices.

Argex is seeking opportunities to enter the TiO2 industry, ignoring the phenomena that most TiO2 producers witnessed massive decline in TiO2 business in 1Q 2013.

Kronos announced TiO2 prices increase again on May 9, 2013, indicating its optimism regarding the TiO2 market.

Vietnam is to adjust its ilmenite export duty from 30% to 40% from June 9, 2013, which is predicted to have little impact on the domestic TiO2 industry.

International coating companies enjoyed decent profit increases in 1Q 2013 as TiO2 prices declined. It is estimated that the sales volume of coatings will increase and demand for TiO2 will improve as the de-stocking process has been progressing and the US is heading for a sustained real estate recovery.

Huarun Paints embroils itself in an illegal layoffs scandal, which hurts its reputation as a national paints brand.

China produced 1,899,400 automobile in April 2013 with a YoY growth of 15.28%.


China’s sluggish international trade of TiO2 continues in Nov. 2011


Pangang to recapitalize Dongfang Titanium for absolute holding
CNNC Huayuan under bankruptcy reorganization
Crimea Titan set a record in TiO2 output in 2011


China’s titanium feedstock import weakens in Nov.
Vietnam upset by titanium ore export
SRL optimistic about titanium feedstock market in 2012
Iluka got high ilmenite revenue growth in 2011
Globe expands ilmenite production in Mozambique


Maydos starts coating e-commerce in Dec. 2011
Carpoly recognized as National Enterprise Technology Center
Zhanchen Coatings need to redo EPV report for IPO
Valspar opens research and development center in China


China’s TiO2 prices continue to increase in Jan. 2012
Wrap-up China’s TiO2 price trends in 2011


Policies of China’s TiO2 industry in 2012


Dongfang Titanium
Pangang Group
CNNC Huayuan
Zhanchen Coatings
Sichuan Lomon

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