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Published: February, 2013
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Welcome to TiO2 China Monthly Report Nov. issue.

In Nov. 2012, the most important event for China is the 18th Party Congress, held in Beijing. Xi Jinping was elected as the new General Secretary of CPC Central Committee. During the 18th Party Congress, China sets two goals—GDP and Per Capital Income should be double compared with those in 2010. It means China’s GDP will keep increasing at a CAGR of 7.1% during 2010 – 2020. In this Nov., CPI got a year-on-year increase of 1.7% and a month-on-month fall of 0.1%; PPI got a year-on-year fall of 2.8% and a month-on-month increase of 0.2%, meaning that enterprise investment and production are recovering. Besides, during Jan. – Sept. 2012, the Ministry of Railways of People’s Republic of China (MRPR) invested USD54,462 million in national fixed railway assets, which is only 54.6% of the annual investment plan (USD99,684 million). It indicates MRPR will invest the rest of the planned annual investment in Q4 2012, which will stimulate consumption of building materials.

In Nov., China imported 14,820 tonnes of TiO2 and exported 33,502 tonnes of TiO2, up 30.3% and 19.9% respectively compared with those of the previous month. As for the upstream, China imported 150,766 tonnes of titanium feedstock (including titanium ores and concentrates), down 40.7% compared with that in this Aug. At the same time, China produced 307,000 tonnes of titanium concentrate ores, down 25.3% compared with that of the previous month (411,000 tonnes).

As for domestic TiO2 companies, Henan Billions plans to purchase Jiangxi Tianguang’s 75% equities, indicating that M&A will become a trend for domestic TiO2 producers to expand. Nanjing Titanium is applying for backdoor registration. If the application succeeds, Nanjing Titanium’s financial ability will be strengthened largely. As to the downstream, TiO2 demand from paper making industry will not increase too fast. Auto output volume is expected to obtain a year-on-year increase of 8% – 10% and this will be a stimulus to auto coatings consumption.

Exchange rates in Nov. 2012, USD1=RMB6.32; EUR1=RMB8.19

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During Sept. 2012, China imports 14,820 tonnes of TiO2, and exports 33,502 tonnes of TiO2, up 30.3% and 19.9% respectively compared with those in the previous month.

Henan Billions announces to purchase Jiangxi Tianguang’s 75% equities.

Henan Billions plans to pay Ti-Cons USD16.6 million for chloride process technology consulting.

Nanjing Titanium wants to control *ST Jiyao to implement a ’backdoor listing’.

After a loan of USD118.7 million (RMB750 million), Sichuan Lomon applies for another loan of USD63.3 million (RMB400 million).

Titanium feedstock import decreases in China in Sept. 2012.

The three listed domestic ink producers meet a good financial performance with profit increase by 12.5% in Q1-Q3 2012.

Domestic auto output volume gets a year-on-year increase of 7.7% in Q1-Q3 2012.

TiO2 price declines slightly in China in Nov. 2012.

Editor’s notes
Industrial Information
TiO2 import volume drops 38.81% in China in Dec. 2012
Imported & domestic titanium feedstock analysis in Dec. 2012
Price update in Feb. 2013
Company dynamics
China’s 2012 TiO2 output volume stands at 1.89 million tonnes
Henan Billions puts forward stock option incentive plan
DuPont expects TiO2 market to bottom out in H1 2013 with a disappointing 2012 financial performance
Yueda Mining invests in Vietnam’s titanium slag project
Dow reported net income for 2012 of USD1.10 billion, a YoY fall of 60.49%
DuPont Performance Coatings renamed Axalta Coating System


Henan Billions

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