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Published: September, 2012
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Welcome to TiO2 China Monthly Report August Issue.

According to the statistics released by National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBSC), in July 2012, Consumers Price Index (CPI) goes up by 1.8% year on year, which touches the lowest level in 30 months. Some experts predict that as the growth rate of CPI will go down, large scale of investment may rebound in the next half of this year.

In June 2012, China imported 15,212 tonnes of TiO2, up 4.5% month on month. Meanwhile, China exported 41,481 tonnes of TiO2, down 9.6% month on month. In the first half of this year, Henan Billions Chemicals Co.,Ltd. (Henan Billions) produced 60,100 tonnes of TiO2, less than the same period of 2011. At the same time, Pangang Group Steel Vanadium & Titanium Co., Ltd. (Pangang Group) produced 264,100 tonnes of concentrate ore. DuPont also got a profit increase in its TiO2 and coatings business.

During 20 July-23 July 2012, China’s TiO2 annual member conference was held in Jinan City, Shandong Province. Dozens of TiO2 related companies participated in this conference, including Rio Tinto.

Exchange rates in Aug. 2012, USD1=RMB6.32 EUR1=RMB7.78


In June 2012, China witnesses a steady increase in TiO2 import volume with a decline in TiO2 export volume.

DuPont posts its financial report of H1 2012, including growing profit of TiO2 and coatings.

China’s TiO2 annual conference held in Shandong in July 2012

Henan Billions obtains a net profit of USD24.3 million in H1 2012, down by 34.5% compared with that in H1 2011.

Huntsman, Tornox and Kronos’s financial performance in H1 2012

Titanium feedstock import volume rebounds with its decreasing price in China in June.

Titanium feedstock suppliers get an increasing sales of titanium feedstock in H1 2012

AkzoNobel and PPG see stable sales revenue growth but net profit decrease in H1 2012

The output of plastic products grows 7.7% lower than expectation in H1 2012

TiO2 prices decrease in China in Aug. 2012.

The outline of vanadium and titanium industry development plan.

Supply & Demand
China’s TiO2 export and import situation in July 2012
Company Dynamic
Jinzhou Titanium expands its chloride process TiO2 capacity to 60,000t/a
Different performance of Pangang Group and Anhui Annada in H1 2012
Several TiO2 production lines under construction in China
Dowkiwi gains a national patent of TiO2 treatment technology in China
Titanium feedstock import situation in China in July 2012
Yuxiao Group gains titanium ore mining certification in Mozambique
Panxi Area aims to be world-class vanadium & titanium industrial base
BASF expands automotive coatings production in China
Shandong Qifeng hesitates to store TiO2 at current high price
Four domestic coating companies’ performance in H1 2012
Marine coatings manufacturers meet depression of shipbuilding industry
Price Update
TiO2 prices decrease in China in Sept. 2012 25


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Henan Billions
Shandong Dongjia
Anhui Annada
Jinzhou Titanium
Pangang Group

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