TiO2 China Monthly Report 1208 (12 issues per year)

Published: August, 2012
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The commercial production of threonine, one of the amino acids, started from 1990s. About 19 kinds of amino acids are produced in China now, and the production scale of the manufacturers is very small. The Chinese manufacturers mainly focus on pharma-grade threonine.

China is a market with great potential for amino acid. According to the statistics in mid 2001, there were over 100 amino acids factories in China. The actual production is estimated to be more than 500,000t/a in China, but about 90% ~ 95% is glutamic acid. There is a lot space for other amino acids. The central government has already implemented many policies to guide the direction of amino acids.

China is a promising market for threonine. But at present China’s market demand for threonine is only about 100t/a.

The small market volume is mainly because Chinese producers aim only at the market of amino acid transfusion. In China, the amino acid transfusion industry developed fast in the previous years. In 1989, there were only 8 manufacturers producing amino acid transfusion, but the number of manufacturers climbed up to 80 in 1999.

The feed grade threonine relies on import. Now promoted by the rapid growth of livestock industry and pharmaceuticals, the production of threonine will be more flourishing, and China’s import of threonine is likely to decrease in the future.

In this report, comprehensive tel interview with experts within the industry and further analysis in detail are carried out to verify the up-to-date situation of the market.

Supply & Demand
China’s TiO2 export and import situation in June 2012
Company Dynamic
Sichuan Lomon got a loan of USD118.7 million for rutile project
DuPont gains more profit from TiO2 and coatings in H1 2012
China’s TiO2 producers export more TiO2 in H1 2012
China’s TiO2 annual conference held in Shandong in July 2012
Henan Billions’ profit decline 34.5% in H1 2012
Huntsman, Tornox and Kronos’s financial performance in H1 2012
Titanium feedstock import situation in China in June 2012
Rio Tino’s development in titanium feedstock
Titanium feedstock suppliers get an increasing sales of titanium feedstock in H1 2012
AkzoNobel and PPG see stable sales revenue growth but net profit decrease in H1 2012
The output of plastic products grows 7.7% lower than expectation in H1 2012
Price Update
TiO2 prices decrease in China in Aug. 2012
Outline of vanadium and titanium industry development plan


Sichuan Lomon
Henan Billions
Shandong Dongjia

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