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Published: January, 2012
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Welcome to the May issue of Sweeteners China News published by CCM, a professional consulting company which has been extensively and intently focusing on the dynamics of China’s sweetener industry.

In April. 2013, CCM made summaries for some sweeteners, including crystalline glucose, saccharin, stevia sweetener, composite sweeteners and sucralose. As revealed in these summaries, it is believed that 2012 was a difficult year for domestic sweetener industry. For example, the sales performance of China’s crystalline glucose was poor in 2012. But the domestic sucralose industry was an exception, which showed a good performance in 2012 and will have a good prospect in 2013.

2012 also was a painful year for some sweetener producers in China. Though the new production line of acesulfame-K of Anhui Jinhe was launched in 2012, the revenue from acesulfame-K business of the company still showed a dramatic decrease in 2012.

Nevertheless, some domestic sweetener producers also have a good development prospect in 2013. For example, two leading functional sugar producers in China, namely Baolingbao and QHT, faces positive catalysts respectively to support their development in 2013.

In fact, April means that a new year has passed a quarter, and we can partly predict the development trend of one industry through its performance in the first quarter. In Q1 2013, the export situation of different sweeteners showed different performances. For instance, the export volume of China’s xylitol products increased but its export price decreased in Q1 2013 while the situation of cyclamate was reverse.


It is believed that 2012 was a harsh year for the domestic crystalline glucose industry, reflected from the 2012 annual reports of Xiwang Sugar and Global Sweeteners.

According to the data from the CSA, the sales volumes of both the domestic and overseas market of China’s saccharin increased in 2012, but it is believed that the domestic saccharin producers also faced some problems at the same time.

The output of China’s stevia sweetener experienced a dramatical decrease in 2012.

It is predicted that the composite sweetener industry in China will have great prospects in the future, though it witnessed poor performance in 2012.

Opportunities including demand increase in the overseas and domestic market supported the development of domestic sucralose industry in 2012, while the industry will continue to face fierce competition in the future.

Revenue of acesulfame-K business of Anhui Jinhe decreased in 2012.

The development of Guilin Layn depended too much on stevia sweetener order from Cargill in 2012, and this situation may continue to exist in the next few years.

Two leading functional sugar producers in China, namely Baolingbao and QHT, have acquired positive catalysts respectively in the recent two months, which could make a contribution to promote their development in the future.

According to the 2012 annual report of Wanfu Biotechnology, it is shown that the net profit of the company got worse year over year.

According to China Customs, the demand for starch sugar products with high content of fructose increased sharply in overseas market in 2012, while the one for low content of fructose witnessed a crosscurrent.
According to China Customs, it is shown that the export volume of China’s xylitol increased but its export price decreased in Q1 2013 while the situation of cyclamate was reverse.

The performance of domestic sucrose industry did not turn better in Q1 2013.

Food Additive Industry Association officially established in Wuhan
Demand for GOS keeps increasing in China
China will promote food safety through legislation
The 20th anniversary of CBFIA held in Beijing
HZSY intends to stop beet sugar production
Hainan to establish aromatic industry

2011 annual review of Chinese sweetener industry

Export volume of aspartame in 2012 may affected by re-evaluation of EFSA
Export value of Chinese stevia sweetener grows fast in 2011
China’s government strengthens management of new food additives
China’s sucralose capacity to increase by 2,000t/a in 2012

Futaste’s L-arabinose selected in National Key New Product Plan of 2011
Suzhou Hope plans to expand capacities of acesulfame-k and diketene
Star Lake Bioscience puts HFCS production line into trial production

Wheat may partly replace corn to produce starch sugar in China
Cultivated liquorice to replace natural liquorice in glycyrrhizin industry

Price decrease of VC leads to price weakness of sorbitol in 2011
Price of maltitol increases in 2011
Ex-factory prices of China’s sweeteners in December 2011

Import & export analysis of Chinese cyclamate in Jan.-Nov. 2011
Import & export analysis of Chinese mannitol in Jan.-Nov. 2011

AN0C opens online shop of stevia sweetener


Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co., Ltd.
Futaste Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Fanzhi Pharmacy Group
Luzhou Bio-chem Technology Co., Ltd.
Star Lake Bioscience Co., lnc.
Dr. Zhang’s All Natural and Zero Calorie Beverage and Foods Company
GLG Life Tech Corporation

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