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Published: May, 2013
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Welcome to the April issue of Sweeteners China News published by CCM, a professional consulting company which has been extensively and intently focusing on the dynamics of China’s sweetener industry.

In the April issue of Sweeteners China News, CCM pays attention to the 2012 overview of two sweeteners products, namely sorbitol and glucose syrup. In detail, the domestic sorbitol industry performed poorly in 2012, which can be reflected in the decrease of both its price and profit in China last year. At the same time, the domestic glucose syrup industry performed the same, due to its consumption volume decline in China in 2012.

Actually, it is believed that the domestic starch sugar industry did not perform well in 2012, which can be reflected from the 2012 annual report of sweetener listed companies. From their annual report, we can see the poor performance of Luzhou Bio-chem and Xiwang Sugar in 2012. However, China Starch is a special example: though the net profit of the company declined in 2012, its starch sugar business performed well at the same time, which will have a good prospect in the future.

Fortunately, the domestic sweetener industry could gain some information, released from the 2012/2013 Guangxi Sucrose Trade Meeting. A predicted decrease of China’s sucrose output means a reduction of sucrose’s oversupply in China in 2013. At the same time, the Chinese government is determined to stabilize the domestic sucrose price, which is a wrinkle for the domestic sweetener industry.


It is believed that the domestic sorbitol industry performed poorly in 2012, which can be reflected in the decrease of both its price and profit in China last year.

The application range and dosage of five sweeteners, including aspartame, neotame, stevia sweetener, sucralose and saccharin, will be changed in the new edition of the Standard for Use of Food Additives.

It is estimated that challenges and opportunities will coexist in the Chinese starch sugar industry in 2013.

The national output of glucose syrup decreased by 8% YoY in 2012.

Luzhou Bio-chem made a poor sales performance on its starch sugar business in 2012.

Most QHT’s products performed well in sales in 2012.

the Chinese starch sugar business performed well in 2012.

In 2012, Xiwang Sugar suffered form its first loss in the past four years.

It is hard to understand why Shandong Longlive invested USD7.97 million to purchase an ecological and organic
agricultural company.

In mid 2013, Baolingbao will provide additional funds to support its three construction projects, aiming to enter the
crystalline fructose, GOS and trehalose market.

According to the 2012/2013 Guangxi Sucrose Trade Meeting, three information merit our attention, namely, the predicted decrease of China’s sucrose output, the determination of China’s government to stabilize sucrose price and the temporary dependence of the Chinese sucrose industry on the government’s purchase.

At present, the consumption of mannitol in China is overdependent on two industries, which may become one main obstacle for the development of the domestic mannitol industry in the future.

Baolingbao’s laboratory awarded as Provincial Key
QHT gives tortoise jelly as a present to shareholders
PureCircle holds recommendation meeting for stevia sweetener in Shanghai
Yishui County awarded as provincial production base of high-quality starch sugar
Xinfu Pharm continues to delay its trial operation of sucralose project until May

2012, a painful year for domestic crystalline glucose industry
Saccharin industry: opportunities and challenges coexist
Output of China’s stevia sweetener experiences a dramatical decrease in 2010 – 2012
Chinese composite sweeteners have huge potential despite recent poor performance
Domestic sucralose industry performs well in 2012

Acesulfame-K of Anhui Jinhe performs poorly in 2012
Guilin Layn depends too much on stevia sweetener order from Cargill in 2012
Two leading functional sugar producers in China face positive catalysts respectively
Wanfu Biotechnology continues to suffer loss in 2012

Export overview of some sweeteners and raw materials in China, March 2013
Higher content of fructose, higher increase rate of export volume of starch sugar in 2012
Export analysis of China’s xylitol and cyclamate in Q1 2013

Poor performance of domestic sucrose industry in Q1 2013

Ex-factory prices of Chinese sweeteners in April 2013


Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.
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Wanfu Biotechnology (Hunan) Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp.
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