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Published: April, 2013
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Editor Notes

In Jan. 2013, CCM made predictions for some sweeteners, including erythritol, sucralose, stevia sweetener and HFCS. As revealed in these predictions, it is believed that erythritol’s potential market in China will be huge in the future; besides, domestic stevia sweetener producers should pay more attention to product research in the future, and only through that can domestic stevia sweetener industry keep its competitiveness in the world.

The export situation of HIS had a good performance in 2012. For example, the export volume and export value of Chinese cyclamate both increased in 2012. The export volume and export value of another HIS, aspartame, also increased in 2012. As a key indicator for domestic HIS production, the increasing export volume means that domestic HIS industry also enjoyed a good performance in production.


Though domestic erythritol producers considered that the development of Chinese erythritol industry is still at an initial stage, it is believed that its potential market is huge in the future.

Though competition of domestic sucralose market is intense at present, it is predicted to be further intensified in 2013, with more and more domestic producers entering the market.

On 6 Jan. 2013, China’s State Council launched the 12th Five-Year Plan for Biological Industry Development, which will benefit functional sugar producers and sugar alcohol producers in China.

It is suggested that domestic stevia sweetener producers should pay more attention to product research in the future, because just investing in production is not enough for them.

Domestic HFCS producers should shift their focus from carbonated beverage industry in the future.

Net profit of QHT increased sharply in H1 while its growth rate showed a downtrend in H2 2012.

In 2013, Baolingbao may pay more attention to the publicity of its main business and honour, aiming to publicize its leading position in domestic sweetener industry.

Anhui Jinhe started to supply acesulfame-K to Coca-Cola in small quantities in Jan. 2013 since it carried out cooperation with Coca-Cola in Aug. 2012.

Domestic supply of corn is sufficient in past two months with the new corn coming into market and the weak demand from downstream industries.

Export volume of Chinese cyclamate bounced in 2012 after a drop in 2011.

Export volume of aspartame increased while import volume of its key raw material namely L-phe decreased in 2012.

China’s sucrose market performed poorly in 2012.

National Bureau of Statistics: the output of Chinese sucrose is 2.9 million tonnes in Feb. 2013
Xinfu Pharm delays its trial operation of sucralose project until April 2013
QHT to purchase banks’ wealth investment products
PureCircle holds promoting meeting on stevia
COFCO Tunhe: the net profit decreases by 2,374.89% in 2012

Poor performance of domestic sorbitol industry in 2012
Opinion solicitation for Standards for Use of Food Additives ongoing
Challenges and opportunities coexist in the Chinese starch sugar industry in 2013
National output of glucose syrup decreases by 8% in 2012

Luzhou Bio-chem has a poor sales performance in the starch sugar business in 2012
Performance overview of QHT’s products in 2012
Starch sugar business of China Starch performs well in 2012
Xiwang Sugar reports a loss in 2012
Shandong Longlive invests ecological agriculture
Baolingbao to enter the crystalline fructose, GOS and trehalose market

Export overview of some sweeteners and raw materials in China, Feb. 2013

2012/2013 Guangxi Sucrose Trade Meeting held in March 2013
Concentrated downstream application of Chinese mannitol products

Ex-factory prices of Chinese sweeteners in March 2013

Companies Mentioned

Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.
Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited
China Starch Holdings Limited
Quantum Hi-Tech(China) Biological Co.,Ltd.
Luzhou Bio-chem Technology Co., Ltd.

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