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Published: February, 2013
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In Oct. 2012, some listed sweetener companies in China released their third quarterly reports of 2012. Through analyzing those reports, functional oligosaccharide industry has a good performance in Q1-Q3. For example, revenue and net profit of QHT in Q3 2012 increased by 59.49% and 7.91% respectively over Q3 2011.

Besides, HFCS will continue to develop well driven by domestic beverage industry in the future. Because beverage producers will use more and more HFCS to replace sucrose in their products and as a large HFCS producer, Baolingbao will benefit from this and predicts that its sales volume of HFCS will increase in 2013.

Furthermore, export price of sucralose may become stable since domestic sucralose manufacturers may begin to stabilize their export prices in the near future to replace the strategy of decreasing export price.


In H2 2012, opportunities and challenges will coexist in Chinese FOS industry.

Domestic isomalto oligosaccharide (IMO) developed at a slow speed during last two years, and it is predicted that this trend will continue in the near future.

Domestic mogroside is mainly sold to overseas countries.

It is believed that beverage producers will consume more and more HFCS to replace sucrose, which would benefit domestic HFCS industry.

Trehalose is expected to enjoy a good prospect in China, based on its wide application and capacity expansion.

Shandong Longlive decided to terminate the investment in its crystalline maltitol project, which may benefit the company from concentrating on its functional sugar business in the future.

Wanfu Biotechnology admitted that it committed financial fraud in its semi-annual report of H1 2012, and it is predicted that the company will continue to perform poorly in H2 2012.

Baolingbao’s revenue and net profit decreased in Q3 2012. However, it may enjoy good performance in 2013.

Growth rate of QHT’s net profit in Q3 2012 was not as high as that in Q1 and Q2 2012.

It is estimated that the price of starch sugar will meet a small fluctuation with the estimated decreasing market price of corn and increasing demand for starch sugar in the coming two months.

The total import tariff quotas of sucrose would remain 1.945 million tonnes in 2013, which may further bring down domestic sucrose price next year, and also bring negative effect to domestic starch sugar producers.

Because of the low-price sales strategy, it is predicted that Chinese sucralose products are accepted by more foreign downstream producers in 2012, and domestic sucralose manufacturers may begin to stabilize their export prices in near future.

National Food Safety Standards of Sorbitol came into force on 25 Jan. 2013
Guilin Layn substantially modifies its net profit expectations
Baolingbao acquires financial subsidy of USD1.98 million
Ganzhou Julong obtains two organic product certificates
Auction of 0.3 million tonnes of national reserves sucrose started in Jan. 2013
China’s erythritol industry enjoys huge potential though still at initial stage
Certain sweeteners to enjoy opportunities for policy support
Stevia sweetener producers may focus more on product research
Domestic HFCS industry: focus should be shifted from carbonated beverage
QHT: perform well in H1 but not in H2 2012
Baolingbao may pay more attention to its publicity in 2013
Anhui Jinhe starts to supply acesulfame-K to Coca-Cola
Domestic supply of corn sufficed in past two months
Export overview of some sweeteners and raw materials in China, Dec. 2012
Export of cyclamate bounces in 2012 after a drop in 2011
China’s aspartame export rises but L-phe import drops in 2012
Overview of domestic sucrose market in 2012
Ex-factory prices of Chinese sweeteners in Jan. 2013


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Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
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Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd.
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