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Published: November, 2012
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Welcome to the September issue of Sweeteners China News published by CCM, a professional consulting company which has been extensively and intently focusing on dynamics of China’s sweetener industry.

In August 2012, domestic sucrose price continued to decrease slightly, about USD947/t, which benefited FOS’ profit. For instance, QHT’s net profit enjoyed a rise in H1 2012 partly driven by the slight decrease in sucrose price. On the contrary, domestic corn price did not come down but continued to rise, exerting pressure on the profitability of those companies whose main products are made from corn. For example, Xiwang Sugar suffered profit decline in the first half of 2012 affected by the increasing cost of corn. And in order to ease the cost pressure, the company purchased corn in advance.

Although the global economic environment was volatile with the European debt crisis spreading, many Chinese HIS still enjoyed good performance abroad in H1 2012, such as saccharin, sucralose and acesulfame-K, mainly owing to their low export prices. For example, the export volume of Chinese saccharin saw an increase of about 18% in H1 2012 compared with the same period of 2011.

Moreover, most stevia sweetener producers have cut down the prices of their products since last year in order to get more market share. In Aug. 2012, GLG revealed that it had also reduced the price of its stevia sweetener in 2012 to promote its products and finally increase its market share.


On the premise of overcapacity and intense competition, exploring downstream and integrating industrial resources are important for domestic HFCS industry.

Oversea market is still crucial for Chinese saccharin in H1 2012.

Timeline for full re-evaluation of aspartame from EFSA has been extended to May 2013, which won’t exert much effect on China’s export of the product to the EU.

Chinese enterprises of functional sugar have been paying more and more attention to technological innovation, which not only helps the enterprises reduce the cost of raw material, but also helps to improve the popularity of functional sugar.

The output of domestic crystalline fructose keeps growing in H1 2012 thanks to the increasing demand and active promotion.

QHT, a company who has enjoyed revenue and total profit YoY growths of 93.43% and 113.44% in H1 2012, is making efforts to maintain the high growth in the future.

On 31 July, 2012, Xinfu Pharm announces that it will carry out technology transformation on its discontinued sucralose project.

Xiwang Sugar plans to save raw material (corn) cost and ensure the supply of corn in the rest of 2012 by purchasing corn in advance.

GLG’s gross profit decreases seriously in H1 2012 for the company readjusts its development strategy in 2012.

Domestic ex-factory price of acesulfame-K has rebounded slightly in Aug. 2012, but it may decrease in the following months.

Domestic sorbitol industry may suffer negative effect in future from the anti-monopoly suit against five major Chinese VC producers from the US.

Up to late July 2012, the sales-to-production ratio of domestic sucrose is 75.00% in the extraction season of 2011/2012, which may bring down its price in H2 2012 and reduce the sales volume of starch sugar.

Layn revises performance in the first three quarters of 2012
Starch Sugar and Polyol Branch of CBFIA Key Enterprises Work Meeting held National Maltitol Research and Testing Technical Center established
Xiwang Sugar’s gross margin decreases in Q3 2012
Shandong Longlive: functional sugar & cellulosic ethanol approved products with origin protection
Chinese output of soft beverages reaches 97.8 million tonnes in Jan.–Sept. 2012

Domestic FOS industry: opportunities and challenges co-exist
Domestic IMO market develops at slow speed over last two years
Domestic mogroside mainly sold abroad
HFCS to develop well driven by domestic beverage industry
Trehalose to enjoy good prospect in China

Shandong Longlive terminates investment in crystalline maltitol project
Wanfu Biotechnology commits financial fraud in H1 2012 report
Baolingbao to perform well in 2013
Growth rate of net profit of QHT decreases sharply in Q3 2012

Price of starch sugar to meet small fluctuation with harvest of new corn

Ex-factory prices of Chinese sweeteners in Oct. 2012

China’s import tariff quotas of sucrose remains 1.945 million tonnes in 2013

Chinese manufacturers may begin to stabilize export price of sucralose
Export overview of some sweeteners and raw materials in China, Sept. 2012


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