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Published: September, 2012
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Welcome to the August issue of Sweeteners China News published by CCM International, a professional consulting company which has been extensively and intently focusing on dynamics of China’s sweetener industry. 

Domestic corn price’s growth rate has begun to slow down since Dec. 2011, but it was still at a high level in H1 2012, which exert a negative influence on corn starch’s profit. For instance, three Chinese leading corn starch producers, namely Xiwang Sugar, Global Sweeteners and China Starch have suffered poor corn starch business in H1 2012 compared with that of H1 2011 owing to the high price of corn and weak demand for corn starch.

Additionally, in recent years, more and more domestic sweeteners are exported to overseas market and some even enjoy good export development mainly due to the strong demand from overseas market. For example, domestic cyclamate’s export volume witnessed an uptrend and its export price remained stable in H1 2012. Besides, the export volume of sucralose also increased in the first five months of 2012 and its price increased slightly compared with that of H2 2011.

Moreover, some sweetener projects have been finished in July 2012. Shandong Huayi has put its crystalline glucose production lines with total capacity of 3,800,000t/a into production in Shandong Province. And Anhui Jinhe has formally put its new expansion project of acesulfame-K with capacity of 5,000t/a into production.


Domestic stevia sweetener market developed slowly during past years, and this trend may remain in the near future.

Chinese cyclamate enjoyed a good development abroad in H1 2012, which can be tracked from the increased export volume and the stable export price.

In last two months (June and July), the Chinese government released several policies about food safety construction to strengthen the supervision on food safety, and it is a good time for sweetener enterprises to take advantage of these policies to develop themselves.

In H2 2012, opportunities and challenges will coexist in Chinese maltose syrup industry.

In July 2012, Guangdong L&P officially published the tender notice about the civil engineering construction of the first phase of its sucralose expansion project, suggesting that the company has already planned to expand its production capacity of sucralose.

Shandong Huayi puts its crystalline glucose production lines with total capacity of 380,000t/a into pilot production in July 2012.

Anhui Jinhe formally put a new acesulfame-K production line into production in July 2012; however, some insiders of acesulfame-K have a negative outlook about this project.

Baolingbao’s revenue and net profit have increased by 6.11% and 18.10% respectively in H1 2012 over H1 2011.

China’s corn starch witnessed a poorer performance in H1 2012 than that in H1 2011, due to increased price of raw material and weak demand.

Domestic market price of aspartame witnessed a downtrend in H1 2012 and it’s estimated that the price may remain the decrease with a small range in H2 2012.

Domestic prices of three key sugar alcohols, including maltitol, xylitol and sorbitol, are expected to increase in H2 2012.

Export volume of domestic sucralose reached about 565 tonnes in Jan.-May 2012, increasing by about 180% over the same period of 2011.

Xiankuo’s XOS recognized as high-tech product of Jiangsu Province
Anhui Jinhe’s revenue of acesulfame-K declines by 10.04% in H1 2012
Nanning Sugar acquires tax refund of USD3.04 million
Plan of amending 5000+ items of food standards to start
Team from Wrigley visits Shandong Longlive
IMO approved as new kind of feed additive

Development strategy of HFCS industry in China in future
Oversea market is crucial for Chinese saccharin in H1 2012
Aspartame re-evaluation extended until May 2013
Enterprises of functional sugar pay attention to technology innovation
Output of crystalline fructose increases in H1 2012

QHT’s total profit rises by 113.44% in H1 2012
Xinfu Pharm starts technology reformation on sucralose project
Xiwang Sugar reserves raw material in advance
GLG suffers profit loss in H1 2012 for strategy readjustment

Ex-factory prices of Chinese sweeteners in Aug. 2012
Domestic ex-factory price of acesulfame-K may decrease slightly

Domestic sorbitol industry may suffer negative effect from VC industry
Sucrose price may decline under high inventory pressure

Export overview of some sweeteners and raw materials in China, July 2012


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