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Published: September, 2012
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Compared with the rising price of grains in international market, domestic price has maintained a relatively low level after June. Revealed by Zhang Hongyu, Director of Industrial Policy and Law Division, Ministry of Agriculture, the government has implemented the lowest purchase price of wheat: USD0.16 (RMB1.02) but over 80% of newly harvested wheat is still sold at a lower price in domestic market. The low price of grains is not conducive to boosting growers’ income or even hurts their planting enthusiasm.

China’s trade deficit in import and export of agricultural products is mostly likely to be enlarged this year. Following the trade deficit over USD34 billion in 2011, the trade deficit already hit around USD30 billion in the first half of 2012. The sharp increase of imported agricultural products would probably affect farmers’ planting enthusiasm.

At present, Chinese farmers’ revenue is mainly constituted by planting income and wage income. Zhang Hongyu proposes to gradually separate the operating right of land from contracting rights. Through the land circulation between farmers and large growers or industrial growers, the planting efficiency would be greatly improved. Farmers would increase their incomes in the operating right transfer of land and also participate in the large-scale agricultural production.


China Seed Workshop 2012 covers three topics: interpretation of Management Regulations for Crop Seed Production and Operation License, commercial breeding under new policy and situation and future development of vegetable seed & seedling industry in China.

The win-win cooperation would be developed among seed enterprises; it is a good choice for the enterprises complete each other.

CCM invites Guangdong Kenong’s sales manager: Menglei to talk about wax gourd planting and seed market in Hubei.

The taste of pink tomato has been generally worse than before although the fruit marketability is improved overall.

There is still great development space for hybrid rice research, breeding and promotion in China.

The single corn varieties in major corn planting areas would bring risks to corn planting.

The mechanized harvest of corn will promote planting varieties suitable for dense planting and resistant to lodging.

China’s soybean import appears to shrink in Aug. mainly owing to the rising price.

Limagrain collaborates with Gansu Hengji to expand corn seed market in China.

32 seed enterprises including CNSGC, Origin, Beijing Doneed, etc., obtain the “breeding, production and promotion” operation licenses from Ministry of Agriculture.

Seed Workshop 2012 held in Beijing
Win-win cooperation would be developed among seed enterprises
Market situation of wax gourd seed in Hubei
Taste of pink tomato generally turns worse
Hybrid rice to realize further development in China
Single corn varieties would bring risk to corn planting
Corn mechanized harvesting to affect promotion of corn varieties
China’s soybean import shrinks for rising pric
Limagrain collaborates with Gansu Hengji to expand Chinese seed business
32 seed enterprises obtain operation licenses from MOA


Gansu Hengji, Wuwei Jinpingguo, Daqing Qingfa, Limagrain

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