Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1302 (12 issues per year)

Published: February, 2013
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Welcome to CCM’s new issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report in Feb. 2013.

2013 is the third year of China’s 12th Five-Year-Plan (2011–2015). According to the forecast by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China’s GDP growth would be around 8.2% in 2013, which is still above government’s target (7.5%–7%). Obviously, it’s hard to see China shifting focus from GDP growth to economic structure adjustment amid a high GDP growth.

During Jan. of 2013, the entire phosphorus chemical market maintained the flat status. Nonetheless, the depressed market kept the price of downstream phosphorus products even weaker as compared to the same period of last year.

In the meantime, phosphate fertilizer market seems to face an apparently gloomy start at the beginning of 2013. Russia-based phosphate fertilizer producer—PhosAgro announced production cuts in Q1 2013, which almost presaged a continued weak demand.

Average exchange rate in Jan. 2013, USD:RMB=1:6.28


Hubei Province is to implement a sale-base resource tax instead of a volume-base resource tax on local phosphorus ore as of Jan. 1st 2013, which might trigger a round of phosphorus ore price rising.

Kailin Group sees a fast-growing exploitation capacity in phosphorus ore in recent five years.

To tackle the continuous decline in exploitable phosphate resources reserve, China makes efforts to increase phosphorus resources replenishment.

Relying on horizontal integration and expansion projet, Tianyi Chemical is expected to rank among the fore of China’s yellow phosphorus industry.

China’s phosphate fertilizer industry is about to see a period of consolidation in the next three or five years.

The downturn in Japan’s agriculture drives down its phosphate demand.

From upstream to downstream, China’s phosphorus chemicals market generally show quite a flat status in Jan. 2013 as affected by the coming Spring Festival.

China witnesses a sharp decline in the export volume of most phosphorus products in 2012.

In Jan. 2013, the prices of China’s prime phosphorus products maintain the same as last month.

Editor’s Note
Headlines of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1302
Phosphorus Ore
Company Dynamics: Hubei kicks off a reform on phosphorus resource tax
Company Dynamics: Kailin Group shows an ever-increasing capacity in phosphorus ore production
Policy & Legislation: China makes efforts to get phosphorus resources replenishment
Yellow Phosphorus
Company Dynamics: Tianyi Chemcial completes acquisition of SHJPC
Phosphate Fertilizer
Industry Dynamics: China’s phosphate fertilizer industry to usher in integration period
Global Insight
Agriculture downturn in Japan drives down its phosphate demand
Supply & Demand
Market review of prime phosphate chemicals in Jan. 2013
Import & Export
International trade of phosphate chemicals in 2012
Price Update
Price monitoring of some phosphate chemicals in Jan. 2013


Hubei Xingfa,Huidong Jinchuan Phosphorus Chemical, Kailin Group,Tianyi Chemical, Wengfu Group

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