Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1208 (12 issues per year)

Published: August, 2012
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Welcome to CCM International’s new issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report in August 2012.

In July, China’s macroeconomy continues to maintain downtrend. Most macroeconomic data from China hits the low record this month, including CPI (1.8% of year-on-year growth, the lowest from Feb. 2010), PPI (a negative growth for five months in 2012), the growth in total industrial added value (9.2% of year-on-year growth, slower pace month on month and the lowest from May 2009), gross export value (1% of year-on-year growth, the lowest in recent six months), and new loan (the lowest from Oct. 2011).

Nonetheless, the current downward macroeconomy in China is not the prime reason for the falling prices of most phosphorus products in July. In short term, China’s downward macroeconomy will not spread to the local phosphorus chemical industry, while its long-term downturn may curb the consumption.

Average exchange rate in July 2012, USD:RMB=1:6.32


With the launch of phosphorus mining project in Q3 2012, Sichuan Hebang finally enters into phosphorus industry.

With the approach of expiry date of agreement signed with Baokang Government, China Baoan’s new phosphorus investment disclosed more uncertainties.

In order to speed up Kailin Group’s development, Guizhou Government was to offer Kailin Group with additional support.

The latest yellow phosphorus summit reported yellow phosphorus would continue to play an irreplaceable role for a long time in China.

In order to boost utilization rate of phosphogypsum, China is to accelerate the development of phosphogypsum industry.

Soaring output brings increasing revenue to Liuguo Chemical but fails to create more profits in H1 2012.

Hubei Government plans to eliminate a series of inefficient fertilizer capacity in batches from 2012 to 2015.

China’s DAP price will not rebound unless the demand soars.

Investment in phosphorus project in Leibo County witnesses high increase in Sichuan Province.

In order to exploit phosphorus mine in Xiangyang City, Hubei Xingfa was to invest the project regarding food grade phosphate chemicals.

Phosphorus export shows the tendency of downturn generally in China in H1 2012.

Decreasing cost drives the price of yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid and STPP to keep downward in July.

Editor’s Note
Headlines of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1208
Phosphorus Ore
Company Dynamics: Phosphorus mining business to bring huge profits for Sichuan Hebang
Company Dynamics: Growing uncertainty to surround China Baoan’s new investment plan
Company Dynamics: Guizhou Government makes up development scheme for Kailin Group
Yellow Phosphorus
Policy & Legislation: Irreplaceability of yellow phosphorus to last for long in China
Phosphate Fertilizer
Policy & Legislation: China to further heighten utilization of phosphogypsum
Company Dynamics: Liuguo Chemical fails to make more profit in H1 2012
Policy & Legislation: Hubei Government to curb local capacity expansion of fertilizer
Industry Dynamics: China’s DAP sees limited upside for price
Fine Phosphate Chemical
Industry Dynamics: Phosphorus investment rising in Leibo County
Company Dynamics: Hubei Xingfa to invest new phosphate chemicals project
Import & Export
International trade situation of phosphate chemicals in H1 2012
Price Update
Price monitor of some phosphate chemicals in July 2012


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