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Published: April, 2012
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The performance of many pesticide companies was either mediocre or worse in 2011. Qianjiang Biochemical Co., Ltd. faced a 79.8% descent in its 2011 net profit; Shenghua Biok also incurred a 30.44% decline in its net profit.

With the possible serious occurrence of insect pests and shutdown of some small and medium-sized pesticide companies due to low product profit and strict environmental protection policies, many big companies are actively looking for methods for a good performance in 2012. Qingdao Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group will put clothianidin, thiacloprid and indoxacarb (all technical) into production in the near future; Guangdong Liwei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. updated its production lines of pyrethroid insecticides.

The insecticide market shows some signs that it will perform well this year. Coupled with peak sales season coming in March, the demand for many pesticides increased. And the supply of some insecticides even failed to keep pace with the demand.


Shenghua Biok’s 2011 revenue slightly increases but it faces a big decline in net profit.

Hubei Sanonda witnesses a substantial growth both in revenue and net profit in 2011.

On 10 March 2012, a 1,200t/a diafenthiuron cooperation project of Jiangsu Changqing and Syngenta is put into production in Jiangdu City, Jiangsu Province.

In March 2012, Guangdong Liwei finishes updating its 800t/a production lines of pyrethroids.

Qingdao Hailir will start producing clothianidin technical and thiacloprid technical this year with 500t/a and 300t/a of expected capacity respectively.

Etoxazole and spinetoram as proprietary products enjoy a promising market in China.

That EPA canceled dicofol registration in Dec. 2011 has posed little impact on China’s dicofol market so far.

The demand for hydrazine hydrate will rise with the increasing market shares of insecticides containing it in China.

In 2011, China’s export volume and export value of insecticides both rise, while the import shows an opposite situation, according to the statistics from China Customs.

According to NATESC, the resistance of some main crop insect pests to some common insecticides has significantly increased; even chlorantraniliprole faces resistance of a moderate level.

In 2012, the occurrence of insect pests in Jiangsu Province will be more serious, but the demand for insecticides is expected to decrease.

NATESC believes that the occurrence of wheat pests in 2012 would be slightly more serious over the previous year.

In March 2012, Jiangxi Tianren gets registration of 30 billion spores/g beauveria bassiana OD controlling rice leaf folder.

Shanghai Yatai becomes the second domestic company getting registration of spirodiclofen.

Ex-factory price of 95% imidacloprid technical keeps ascending since Oct. 2011.

Shenghua Biok incurs 30.44% decline in 2011 net profit
Hubei Sanonda presents sound performance in 2011

Jiangsu Changqing’s 1,200t/a diafenthiuron project launched
Qingdao Hailir to launch clothianidin and thiacloprid
Guangdong Liwei’s 800t/a pyrethroids production lines updated

Etoxazole, spinetoram enjoy promising market

Insect pest resistance to insecticides getting stronger
EPA’s ban on dicofol registration impacts China’s dicofol market little
Demand for hydrazine hydrate from insecticide production to increase in 2012

China’s insecticide export rises while import drops in 2011

Jiangsu needs less inseciticides to cope with serious pest damage in 2012
Wheat pest occurrence slightly heavier in 2012

Shanghai Yatai: second domestic registrant of spirodiclofen
Jiangxi Tianren registers beauveria bassiana OD

Monthly ex-factory prices of key raw materials in China, April 2012
Monthly ex-factory prices of main insecticides in China, April 2012
Monthly Shanghai Port prices and FOB Shanghai price of main insecticides, April 2012
Average market price of main crops in China, 31 March 2012

Imidacloprid technical price keeps ascending


Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd.; Guangdong Liwei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.; Qingdao Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group; Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd.; Jiangxi Tianren Ecology Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Yatai Agricultural Means of Production Co., Ltd.

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