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Published: January, 2012
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The year 2011 is really a hard time for insecticide players in China. Weak demand for insecticides because of less occurrences of pests has let them down again. What’s more, they had to face severe challenges such as overcapacity and intense competition from foreign products. Being the most important segment of domestic crop protection market, insecticide market’s bad performance makes things hard for most of domestic formulation players in 2011.

Different from the weak insecticide demand in domestic market, the export volume of insecticide posted a huge increase in the first ten months of 2011. It is particularly worth noting that the average export price also witnessed an increase. However, the rise in export price was mainly caused by the increase in production cost. As a result, the profit made by exporting insecticides is still very low.

Entering 2012, cut-throat competition among domestic players is within expectation, so do overcapacity and more new products introduced by overseas companies. It is expected that China will continue to consolidate domestic insecticide industry and companies will re-adjust their product mix. CCM International wishes that they can have a good performance in 2012.


In 2011, China’s insecticide industry faces severe challenges such as overcapacity and intense competition from foreign products.

CMST recently highlights the importance of the R&D and the promotion of new species of GM crops, such as cotton and corn.

In Dec. 2011, Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) finishes constructing a 800t/a abamectin technical production line in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, and puts it into trial production.

Jiangsu Huifeng reveals on 13 Dec., 2011 that the company plans to set up a subsidiary in Los Angeles for enlarging overseas market.

Nantong Reilly finishes building a 10,000t/a 3-cyanopyridine production line in Nantong Economic Development Zone in Dec. 2011.

In Dec. 2011, Jiangsu Pesticide develops a preparation added to seed dressing agents, making them slow-releasing and safe to crops and the environment.

DuPont will possibly put its new product 0.4% chlorantraniliprole GR into Chinese market in 2012.

In Nov. 2011, Henan Haonianjing gets the first registration of 2% imidacloprid controlled-release GR in China.

Hebei Sanlen first obtains registration of 96% fosthiazate technical in China on 16 Nov., 2011.

On 25 Nov., 2011, Gu Baogen revealed that the application of chlorpyrifos and imidacloprid will possibly be restricted on vegetables in the future.

On 17 Nov., 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture releases the result of pesticide inspection including many unqualified products.

In Dec. 2011, China’s State Administration of Grain announced a notification of strengthening management of aluminium phosphine fumigation.

In Jan.-Oct. 2011, China sees a rise in both export volume and value of insecticides, while the import shows an opposite situation, according to the statistics from China Customs.

The number of nitenpyram new registrations in China soars in 2011.

Hainan Zhengye becomes the second company getting registration of buprofezin technical in 2011.

The ex-factory price of 98% methomyl technical in China has kept increasing since March 2011 mainly thanks to its increasing overseas demand and tight supply.

Overview of China’s insecticide industry in 2011-challenges

China to strengthen development of GM cotton and corn

Qilu Pharmaceutical finishes contructing 800t/a abamectin technical production line
Jiangsu Huifeng sets up a subsidiary in the US
Nantong Reilly finishes building 10,000t/a 3-cyanopyridine production line

Jiangsu Pesticide develops breakthrough seed dressing slow-releasing technology

0.4% chlorantraniliprole GR possibly to enter Chinese market in 2012
Henan Haonianjing first registers 2% imidacloprid controlled-release GR
Hebei Sanlen: first domestic owner of fosthiazate technical registration

Chlorpyrifos and imidacloprid possibly to be restricted on vegetables
MOA releases unqualified pesticides
China to strengthen management of aluminium phosphine fumigation

China’s insecticide export rises while import drops in Jan.-Oct. 2011

China’s new nitenpyram registrations rise in 2011
Hainan Zhengye secondly gets buprofezin technical registration in China

Monthly ex-factory prices of key raw materials in China, Jan. 2012
Monthly ex-factory prices of main insecticides in China, Jan. 2012
Monthly Shanghai Port prices and FOB Shanghai prices of main insecticides, Jan. 2012
Monthly market prices of main crops in China, 31 Dec. 2011

98% methomyl technical price keeps increasing


Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd.; Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.; Nantong Reilly Chemical Co., Ltd.; Hainan Zhengye Zhongnong High-tech Stock Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute Co., Ltd.; Henan Haonianjing Biological Development Co., Ltd.; Hebei Sanlen Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

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