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Published: April, 2013
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In the first quarter of 2013, the price of several popular insecticides and pesticide intermediates soars, especially acetamiprid, imidacloprid, chlopyrifos and 2-Chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine. The major reason is that some agrochemical manufacturers suspend their pesticide production, caused by the recently enhanced environmental protection inspection. Besides, the peak application period of rice insecticides is approaching, consequently driving up the price of these products to great extents.

The stricter environmental protection inspection will shut down lots of small-scale producers, which in turn will help large-scale producers seize the market gap. According to several listed agrochemical enterprises’annual reports of 2012, most of them enjoyed increasing sales revenue in 2012.

Against this backdrop of the enhanced environmental protection inspection, listed agrochemical enterprises whose production meets this new standard are estimated to maintain high-speed growth in 2013.


In Feb., 2013, the Department of Agriculture of Hainan Province announced that Hainan Zhongsheng, Hainan AMP and Hainan Haiken would acquire new pesticide wholesale qualification licences in Hainan Province.

In Feb. 2013, a scandal surfaced involving the pumping of industrial wastewater back into the ground in Weifang. It has depressed pesticides production, boosting the price of acetamiprid, imidacloprid, etc.

It is necessary to register more insecticides for the control of wheat midge in China, as the wheat midge infestation has been spreading widely since 2012.

From 26-28 Feb., 2013, the 14th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

The registration numbers of pymetrozine soared in China in the recent three months, which will bring its price down.

Qingdao Hailir Pesticides & Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Hailir) had passed the environmental scrutiny for Initial Public Offerings (IPO) from Jan., 2010 to Dec., 2012.

Jiangsu Changqing achieved a revenue of USD204.97 million and a net profit of USD25.73 million in 2012, up by 26.94% and 40.61%, respectively, year on year.

In March 2013, Jiangsu Tenglong Biological & Medicinal Co., Ltd.’s relocation & expansion project concernning 5,000t/a dimethoate technical production passed the environmental impact assessment.

On 12 March, 2013, Shijiazhuang Xingbai Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. secured the formal registration of 98% spirodiclofen technical, the first registration of spirodiclofen technical acquired by a domestic enterprise, according to the ICAMA.

On 6 March, 2013, Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. registered temporarily 99.1% dinotefuran technical (TC) and 20% dinotefuran SG in China, according to the ICAMA.

Both the export volume and value of malathion techinical and formulation soared in China in 2012.

The total area of rice, corn and wheat infested by insect pests in China is forecast to reach 161.3 million ha., according to the NATESC.

Hainan Province to confirm three wholesalers for exclusive pesticide circulation
Soaring price of acetamiprid driven by pollution monitoring in Shandong
China’s wheat requires more insecticides to control wheat midge
The 14th CAC is held in Shanghai City

Pymetrozine becomes registration hotspot in recent months

Qingdao Hailir to pass environmental scrutiny for IPO
Jiangsu Changqing’s net profit in 2012 increases 40.61% YoY
Jiangsu Tenglong has accomplished relocation for dimethoate

First domestic company registers spirodiclofen technical
Initial registration of dinotefuran teachnical & formulation in China

China’s malathion TC increases 133.22% by export volume in 2012

Price Update Table

China forecasts insect pest occurrence in 2013

Companies Mentioned

Hainan Zhongsheng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; Qingdao Hailir Pesticides & Chemicals Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Tenglong Biological & Medicinal Co., Ltd.; Shijiazhuang Xingbai Bio-engineering Co., Ltd.; Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.;

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