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Published: February, 2013
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Following the liberation of China in 1949, the central government of the People’s Republic of China published a Land Reform in 1950. The law abrogated ownership of land by landlords and redistributed land to landless farmers.

The Land Reform was warmlyreceived by the whole country, except Dong Shijin, a famous agronomist in China. He wrote a letter to Chairman Mao, suggesting that the government should not redistribute the land to landless farmers. One of Mr. Dong’s reasons was that farmers couldn’t get rich from only a small plot of land, and their planting enthusiasm would ultimately fade.

Without doubt, his suggestion was not adopted. However, it was proved that Mr. Dong wasa visionary. At present, the development of agricultural production is being hindered as each family only owns a small plot of land.

The government has recognized this situation and started to change its attitude toward land policy in recent years. At present, companies or individuals can rent many small pieces of land and then form a large parcel of land. The No.1 policy document this year even encourages land transfer, aiming to procure more specialized, large-scale farming.

Rome was not built in a day, but these policies will surely change how planting organizations operate in the future, and in turn change the market environment for pesticides. Pesticide companies should also pay more attention to the change, and adjust their marketing strategy timely.


The No.1 policy document 2013 encourages land transfer, aiming to bring more specialized, large-scale farming into existence. What impact will it bring to the domestic crop protection industry?

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Environmental Protection have jointly issued the Substitute List for Toxic and Harmful Materials or Products by Nation Encouragement, 2012.

28 registrations of pesticides for water bamboo and other eight minor crops acquired pesticide registration subsidy from Zhejiang Province.

Guangzhou City got rid of 9.89 tonnes of cowpeas containing pesticide residues of carbofuran and omethoate from the market.

The State Council has printed and issued the Plan for the Development of the Bio-Industry. The pesticide industry will experience not only opportunities but also threats.

After the patent expired in 2008, the development of chlorfenapyr was slow than expected.

Cyflumetofen becomes one of six newly added pesticides which can be imported & exported through China’s ports.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Henan Sidley have signed an agreement to establish a bio-engineering R&D centre.

Five registrations of indoxacarb formulations and one registration of indoxacarb technical are approved from Dec. 2012 to mid-Jan. in 2013 in China.

1,055 new registrations (not including the updating of old registrations and hygienic insecticides) of insecticide formulations are approved in China in 2012.

Both the export volume and value of lambda-cyhalothrin technical increase in the first 10 months of 2012, but those of lambda-cyhalothrin formulations decline.

According to the forecast by the NATESC, the occurrence of major crop insect pests and diseases in China in 2013 will suffer the same level of seriousness as in 2012.

Monthly ex-factory prices of main insecticides in China, Feb. 2013.
Monthly market price and FOB Shanghai price of main insecticides in China, Feb. 2013.

The No.1 policy document 2013 encourages land transfer
China releases substitute list to replace toxic, harmful materials and products
Water bamboo receive pesticide registration subsidy in Zhejiang Province
Guangzhou City got rid of 9.89 tonnes of cowpeas containing pesticide residues
China reveals plan to develop the bio-industry, including bio-pesticides
Chlorfenapyr develops slowly in China
New acaricide cyflumetofen introduced to China
CAS and Henan Sidley establish bio-engineering R&D centre in Henan Province
Registrations of indoxacarb are increasing fast
Review new registrations of insecticide formulations in 2012
Price Update Table
Insect pests to hit crop production in 2013


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