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Published: November, 2012
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AgroChemEx 2012 is held in Shanghai on 20-22 Oct. CCM learns that insecticide is the most important segment in China’s pesticide industry from this meeting. Meanwhile, many insecticide producers restore long-lost smiles thanks to the soaring demand for insecticides this year mainly because insect pests like rice plant hopper and armyworm outbreak more seriously this year than 2011.

However, some producers think that the market seems not to be so optimistic despite the demand increases. The popularizing professional unified control of crop insect pests and diseases and government purchasing have some negative influence on insecticide sales. The number of beneficiaries of these two ways is limited. Some companies cooperating with the government like Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical Co., Ltd. will have some benefits which may be more obvious in the future.

Meanwhile, some imported insecticides also pose a great threat though they have higher prices, and foreign companies’ investments in the promotion, marketing and services of insecticides is incomparable to those of domestic producers. Therefore, domestic insecticide companies must adopt comprehensive strategies like cooperating with the government, improving R & D capabilities and enhancing promotion, if they want to enhance their competitiveness.


started on 14 Oct. in Hubei Province.

Diamondback moth’s tolerance level to insecticides soars in recent years, due to farmers’ continually reusing several insecticides.

On Sept. 4, 2012, the on-the-spot field-application demonstration of ZJ4042 (a new fluorine insecticide developed by ZRICI) is successfully held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

Registration for thiacloprid formulation soars in recent two years, reaching eleven, while there are only five before 2011.

China’s total export volume of bifenthrin technical and formulations soars to 2,101 tonnes in the first 8 months of 2012, witnessing a YoY growth of 20.95%.

The demand for insecticides on rice leaf roller witnesses recovery this year and competition among insecticides intensifies as well.

The output of nitenpyram can not catch up with the soaring speed of its demand, which intensifies its supply this year.

The first homemade clothianidin formulation is approved by ICAMA in Oct. 2012.

Twelve new registrations of insecticide technical are approved in China in Oct. 2012, including thiamethoxam, methoxyfenozide, spinosad, indoxacarb, etc.

Shangyu Yinbang is the only domestic company getting registration of methoxyfenozide technical in China up to 31 Oct. 2012.

Entering Nov. 2012, the ex-factory price of 90% phoxim technical decreases to USD3,568/t from USD4,116/t in June 2012.

Hubei Benxing to expand chlorpyrifos technical’s capacity to 20,000t/a
Jiangsu Lanfeng incurs 82.18% decline in net profit in Q3 2012

Diamondback moth’s tolerance level to insecticides soars
ZJ4042, a new fluorine insecticide achieves field application
Registration of thiacloprid formulation soars in recent two years
Construction of National Bio-pesticide Engineering Research Center started

China’s export of bifenthrin up 20% YoY in the first 8 months of 2012

First homemade clothianidin formulation approved
China’s supply of nitenpyram remains tight in 2012
Competition against market of rice leaf roller intensifies

New insecticide registration in Oct. 2012
Shangyu Yinbang: first domestic registrant of methoxyfenozide TC

Price Update

90% phoxim technical’s price keeps decreasing


Hubei Benxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Research Institute Of Chemical Industry, Ltd. ; Tianjin Xingguang Pesticide Industry Factory ; Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.; Guangdong Jiangmen Xinhui Nongdefeng Co., Ltd.; Shangyu Yinbang Chemical Co., Ltd.

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