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Published: September, 2012
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2012 could mean a bumper harvest to insecticide market. Just in the first six months, many agrochemical companies saw revenue soaring because of the sound performance of their insecticides. For example, Jiangsu Changqing’s revenue in H1 2012 rose to USD102 million, up 32% over the same period last year and its insecticide business contributes USD53 million, up 78% year on year. Jiangsu Lanfeng’s insecticide business also posts a good performance, with revenue up 232.05% year on year in H1 2012.

Entering the peak period of pesticide application, coupled with more occurrences of insect pests like rice plant hopper and armyworm since the end of July, the demand for many insecticides in domestic market has largely increased since this August, including pymetrozine, beta-cypermethrin, acephate, etc. In addition, the export volume of some products such as lambda-cyhalothrin and imidacloprid also witnessed increases since mid-2012 because of the rising crop planting area in many overseas countries in recent years.

All in all, many companies will likely pay more attention to insecticide business owing to its excellent performance this year. However, blind expansion or product mix enrichment could lead to the risk of overcapacity. The whole industry should be sensitive to market dynamics and make sure that the severe overcapacity of abamectin will not happen again.


The outbreak of armyworm in Northeast China and North China this year poses the most severe threat to the production of corn and rice in almost a decade.

Anqing Boyuan will start a 1,000t/a project on 2.5% lambda-cyhalothrin EW and focus on production of pesticide formulations in the future.

Despite a 12.09% rise in revenue, both operating profit and net profit of Hubei Sanonda in H1 2012 decrease, disappointing its investors.

Jiangsu Lanfeng’s revenue increases just by 6.17%, while that of insecticides grows by 232.05% in H1 2012 over H1 2011.

Demand for pymetrozine largely increases this year because of more occurrence of rice insect pests, especially rice plant hoppers.

Beijing Yoloo will largely promote its 80% nitenpyram • pymetrozine WG this year.

China’s total export volume of lambda-cyhalothrin technical and formulations soars to 922 tonnes with a 29% YoY growth in H1 2012.

Sipcam Agro China is doing field test for Paecilomyces lilacinus and may launch the product in the near future.

The termite control market is very hot in recent years.

The occurrence of fourth-generation cotton bollworm in 2012 is estimated to be relatively lighter over last year; 1.6 million hectares cotton fields will be affected.

On 19 July, 2012, Nantong Shizhuang gets a formal registration of 95% indoxacarb technical, becoming the only domestic registrant of the product in China up to 2 Aug., 2012.

In Jan.-Aug. 2012, the number of new registrations of insecticide technical in China reaches 41 (including those changed from temporarily to formally); imidacloprid is hot.

Price of many insecticide technical such as chlorpyrifos, abamectin and lambda-cyhalothrin continues to decrease in early Sept.; just a few keep a stable price.

Decade’s worst armyworm outbreak in China

Jiangsu Lanfeng’s H1 insecticide revenue up 232.05%
Anqing Boyuan to focus on pesticide formulations
Hubei Sanonda puts on poor performance in H1

Pymetrozine outstanding among rice insecticides this year
80% nitenpyram • pymetrozine WG largely promoted

China’s H1 lambda-cyhalothrin export volume up 29% year on year

Sipcam to launch Paecilomyces lilacinus in China
Termite control market very hot at present

Fourth-generation cotton bollworm to hit 1.6 million ha. of cotton field

Nantong Shizhuang: first domestic registrant of indoxacarb technical
41 insecticide technicals registered in China in Jan.-Aug.

Monthly ex-factory prices of key raw materials in China, Sept. 2012
Monthly ex-factory prices of main insecticides in China, Sept. 2012
Monthly Shanghai Port prices and FOB Shanghai price of main insecticides, Sept. 2012
Average market price of main crops in China, 31 Aug., 2012

Many insecticides’ price decreases in early Sept.


Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.; Anqing Boyuan Biochemistry Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.; Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Kwin Group Co., Ltd.; Beijing Yoloo Pesticide Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd.; Nantong Shizhuang Chemical Co., Ltd., Sipcam Agro China

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