Industrial Biotechnology China News 1108

Published: August, 2011
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In this issue, Grandhope’s getting listed successfully will break the foreign enterprises’ monopoly in the medical device industry. And this issue focuses on the chemical fiber in China. Many China’s enterprises, such as Baosteel and Shandong Jingdian, strive to develop biofuel industry in order to occupy good position in new energy area. However, they had to face intense competition from foreign companies like Celanese, which has advantages of technology and funds. Aiming at the biology industry, this issue also focuses on not only the biobased chemical of the SA program and L-tryptophan expansion in China, but also bioproduct such as Angel Yeast’s project and domestic hemicellulase investment.


  • Shandong Jingdian plans to industrially produce glycerin-based PG in 2012.
  • Baosteel is making efforts to promote industrialization of carbon monoxide-based fuel ethanol.
  • Celanese may begin industrial ethanol production in China in 2013.
  • China’s export volume of butanol increased, while its import volume decreased.
  • Angel Yeast is going to accelerate its expansion of yeast capacity.
  • Hemicellulase has been attracting more and more investment in China.
  • CAS plans to accelerate the commercial production of sialic acid (SA) by fermentation method in the future.
  • Some domestic L-tryptophan producers are actively promoting expansion.
  • Changjiang Chemical Fiber successfully completed the trial production of PLA fiber.
  • RSPC invested in a new plan by its raised fund for a PTT production line with capacity of 90,000t/a.
  • Three polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) production lines of Wanwei Updated High-tech Material Industry Co., Ltd. (Wanwei Updated High-tech) will be launched in 2011-2012.
  • China’s PLA import volume significantly rose in H1 2011 year on year.
  • Grandhope launched Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market (GEM).

Shandong Jingdian to produce glycerin-based PG
Baosteel to promote industrialization of carbon monoxide-based fuel ethanol
Celanese to seize China’s ethanol market
Trade analysis of China’s butanol
Angel Yeast to accelerate its expansion of yeast capacity
Domestic hemicellulase investment increases greatly
CAS plans to accelerate its commercial production of SA
Rapid L-tryptophan expansion in China
Changjiang Chemical Fiber makes a breakthrough on industrialization of PLA fiber
RSPC to invest in PTT fiber
Wanwei Updated High-tech’s PVA expansion
Trade analysis of China’s PLA
Grandhope launches IPO in Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market


Wanwei Updated High-tech Material Industry Co., Ltd.
Changshu Changjiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Shandong Jingdian Chemical Co., Ltd.
Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Baosteel Group Corporation Ltd.
Grandhope Biotech Co., Ltd.
Celanese Corporation
Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.

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