Import and Export Analysis of Titanium Dioxide in China

Published: November, 2011
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Generally speaking, China’s titanium dioxide export has been more than import since 2010. it is estimated that China’s titanium dioxide export volume will be increasing in the future.

Speaking of export situation, in H1 2011, domestic titanium dioxide export volume goes to 234,900 tonnes. Meanwhile, the average export price goes to about USD3,000/t in Sept. 2011. What is the precise analysis of domestic titanium dioxide export? What are the reasons for the booming export situation?

In terms of import situation, import volume of titanium dioxide is much more stable than that of export in China. From 2006 to 2010, China’s titanium dioxide import volume kept in the range between 250,000 tonnes and 300,000 tonnes per annual. What is the precise analysis of domestic titanium dioxide import? The answers can be found in this report.

This report combines CCM International’s expertise in the market research regarding import and export of titanium dioxide. Highlights of this report are listed as follows:

  • Export analysis of titanium dioxide
  • Import analysis of titanium dioxide




1.1 Overview
1.2 Export analysis
1.3 Import analysis

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