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Published: February, 2013
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Editor’s notes 1302

Accompanied by the celebration of the 2013 Spring Festival, the whole pesticide industry in China remained stable in early Feb., 2012 such that most pesticide players operated quietly. Meanwhile, listed pesticide companies issued their annual report or profit preannouncements in successively. It’s believed that leading glyphosate manufacturers and paraquat manufacturers have good performance in 2012.

In 2013, the competition will be much fiercer for some other companies involved in the pesticide business. For instance, Yichang Huamnwell, which is a pharmaceutical enterprise, plans to invest in a nicosulfuron project. Aiming to enable more room to survive, the leading manufacturers in China have begun to expand their businesses and production chains one after another. In addition, some insiders have predicted that in 2013, non-tariff barriers from the EU and WTO will continue to increase their impact on domestic export.

Although facing severe challenges, domestic manufacturers remain optimistic about pesticides in that sales and exports of pesticides will continue to grow in 2013. But it is always necessary to have a careful attitude towards potential risks such as overcapacity and aggressive competitiveness, because the way to achieve innovation of the Chinese pesticide industry is very long and rugged.


  • At present, Huizhou Sino-quick is speeding up its IPO plan.
  • Chloropyridine herbicides pushed Lier Chemical’s 2012 performance.
  • Sanonda is expected to have undergone explosive growth in net profit in 2012
  • Yichang Huamnwell plans to invest about USD48 million (RMB300 million) in a 5,000t/a intermediate and nicosulfuron project.
  • Currently, domestic paraquat manufacturers are beginning to pursue new paraquat formulations, such as GR, to replace paraquat SL.
  • Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl is more popular than clodinafop-propargyl in China.
  • Chinese pendimethalin enjoyed relatively smooth supply in Jan. 2013.
  • Dicamba supply is overwhelmed by the prosperous demand in early 2013.
  • China’s state farms’ sown area in 2012 autumn and winter decreases by 2,600 ha.
  • The export volume of Chinese 2,4-D products largely increased during Jan. – Oct. 2012.
  • 15 new registrations (not including updated registrations) of herbicide technical are approved in China in Jan., 2013.

Huizhou Sino-quick’s IPO in process
Chloropyridine herbicide pushes Lier Chemical’s 2012 performance
Explosive growth expected in Sanonda in 2012
Yichang Huamnwell sets foot in the pesticide industry
Paraquat manufacturers pursue paraquat GR
Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl displaces clodinafop-propargyl in China
Pendimethalin experiences smooth supply in Jan. 2013
Dicamba supply remains intense in early 2013
China’s state farms’ sown area in 2012 autumn and winter decreases by 2,600 ha.
The export volume of 2,4-D product largely increased during Jan.and Oct. 2012
New registrations of herbicide technical in China in Jan. 2012


Huizhou Sino-quick Lier Chemical Sanonda Yichang Huamnwell Shandong Luba Syngenta Nantong Nanjing Redsun

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