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Published: August, 2012
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Editor Notes

Following the attention in last issue, CCM International maintains the focus on Chinese glyphosate market and potentially prosperous herbicides such as dicamba and 2,4-D, and then realized that glyphosate is still the most attractive herbicide in China. And recently, mild situation of glyphosate sharply stimulated the listed companies’ stock price and investors’ expectation. And what will happen in the coming months, better or worse? CCM International will keep track of it.

In terms of dicamba and 2,4-D, GM technology is undoubtedly the strong support of their prosperous future. Aiming to grab chance in advance, it’s observed that some aggressive players in Chinese agrochemical industry have taken actions by way of new construction or expansion. But many difficulties such as technology barriers are still blocking their ways at present.


Lianhe Technology achieved USD25.7 million in net profit of H1 2012.

Good Harvest-Weien endeavors to enhance its competitiveness by way of new product mix in herbicide business.

Jiangsu Changqing is planning a 2,000t/a dicamba technical construction now.

Limin Chemical pushes mesotrione business aggressively in manufacture and sales.

Hefei Xingyu runs its expansion plan of oxadiazon technical manufacture.

Jiangsu Yunfan plans to diversify and enhance its herbicide product structure with new production lines of oxyfluorfen, clethodim, bromacil and so forth.

Chinese glyphosate excites financial investors again in stock market with the market recovery.

2,4-D is more prosperous than MCPA in China.

Propisochlor will be withdrawn completely from the EU, but impacts only a little on the weak propisochlor industry in China.

Domestic trifluralin manufacturers keep calm towards APVMA’s regulation on trifluralin in Australia and feel confident about the trifluralin market.

Nantong Jiangshan only runs part of its phosphorus trichloride capacity due to the weak downstream glyphosate business.

Recently Shandong Dehao has been maintaining atrazine production and supply smoothly.

Jiangsu Luye is taking the trial run of propyzamide technical production line with 300t/a capacity.

Yancheng South plans to launch a 100t/a orthosulfamuron technical project and it is the first domestic company to pursue orthosulfamuron technical.

Zhejiang Bosst runs the largest clodinafop-propargyl technical capacity in China now.

Lianhe Technology achieves USD25.7 million in net profit of H1 2012
Good Harvest-Weien seeks new growth in herbicides
Jiangsu Changqing plans 2,000t/a dicamba technical construction
Limin Chemical pushes mesotrione business
Hefei Xingyu prepares oxadiazon technical expansion
Jiangsu Yunfan enhances oxyfluorfen production
Glyphosate arouses investors’ expectation in stock market in H2 2012
Propisochlor approaches deadline in EU
Domestic manufacturers keep optimistic about trifluralin
Nantong Jiangshan meets flat phosphorus trichloride manufacture
Shandong Dehao maintains atrazine production
Jiangsu Luye taking the trial run of 300t/a propyzamide production line
Yancheng South plans to launch 100t/a orthosulfamuron technical project
Zhejiang Bosst tops clodinafop-propargyl manufacturers


Lianhe Technology

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