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Published: October, 2011
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Welcome to Oct. issue of Herbicides China News published by CCM International, a professional consulting company who has been extensively and intently focusing on dynamics of China’s herbicide industry.

In Oct. issue, a busy scene of Chinese herbicide market is displayed in front of us. Intense supply and overwhelming demand become key words this month. Accompany with the traditional peak season in Chinese herbicide market starting from this month, overseas purchasers especially who are from southern hemisphere clear up the manufacturers’ stock rapidly, and then the production lines of some hot herbicides such as acetochlor and trifluralin all run at full capacity at present.

In the meantime, attributed largely to the white-hot supply/demand, herbicide price also witnesses the further upward trend in Oct. on the basis of the whole high price level. Thus, those herbicide suppliers, who were repressed by high expense in the first nine months of 2011, hope to retrieve the lost profit during the coming two months.

Whereas, the reality of herbicide market in China is still not of optimism. The inflation and choppy global economy which will cause limited profitable room threat the manufacturers. In an effort to fight the adverse factors in herbicide market, Chinese agrochemical enterprises have taken measures already such as production chain expansion, property reorganization, sales enhancement and so on. But it can be foreseen that some pursuers will still be held down in the industrial revolution.

Nantong Jiangshan repressed by deficit risk
Jiangsu Changqing celebrates fomesafen expansion
Shandong Jingbo pursues fomesafen aggressively
Jiangsu Jialong achieves diuron relocation
Lianhe Technology invests in fluorine-containing chemicals
Fengshan Group enhances herbicide product mix
Acetochlor is in short supply in Sept.2011
Isoxaflutole: A strong potential competitor in Chinese corn herbicides
Chinese trifluralin meets white-hot supply/demand
Anhui Fengle runs new tribenuron-methyl capacity
Glyphosate supply intense in Fuhua Tongda
Nantong Jiangtian expands paraformaldehyde capacity
Jiangsu Huifeng phases 10,000t/a bromoxynil octanoate construction
Glyphosate technical meets price upturn
Qufu Hongly stops pyridine project
Sanonda’s 10,000t/a pyridine base construction ongoing


Nantong Jiangshan, Jiangsu Changqing, Shandong Jingbo, Jiangsu Jialong, Lianhe Technology, Fengshan Group, Anhui Fengle, Jiangsu Huifeng

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