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Published: September, 2011
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Welcome to Aug. issue of Herbicides China News published by CCM International, a professional consulting company who has been extensively and intently focusing on dynamics of China’s herbicide industry.

Recently, capital operation in Chinese pesticide companies appears frequently while semi-annual performance of many agrochemical companies is being showed, someone smile and someone cry. It’s noteworthy that Shandong Qiaochang also joined the queue of potential companies to get listed, even though the ambitious listing plan by reorganizing a real estate company, Shanghai Fenghwa Group Co., Ltd. (SFH), was forced to suspend due to the Chinese government’s macro regulation on real estate this year.

According to SFH’s bulletin, the assets exchange and stock issue was planned between Shandong Qiaochang and SFH. By this way, Shandong Qiaochang can get listed at a fast pace. It can be detected in this deal that company reorganization between different industries becomes a new M&A mode in Chinese pesticide industry.

In a review of previous attractive M&A cases in Chinese pesticide industry, take Fujian Sannong’s acquisition by Fujian Taihe Investment Co., Ltd. for example, the similarity is also observed. Whatever the dominance or shortcomings will be encountered in these cases, new attempt and investment are being achieved indeed. And CCM International will keep watching this dynamics.

Jiangsu Changqing maintains performance increase in H1 2011
Jiangsu Huifeng slows its performance down in H1 2011
Sanonda sees increase of 58.6% in net profit in H1 2011
Jiangsu Changqing plans new production base in Nantong City
Shandong Qiaochang puts off listing plan
“Fujian Sannong” substituted by new name
Worries about paraquat aroused in China
Florasulam meets blank market in China
Poor pesticide marketing in China
Diflufenican maintains weak domestic market
Fengshan Group to launch new trifluralin capacity
Tangshan Chenhong initiates pyridine supply
Overview of China’s herbicide export in Q2 2011
Questionnaire survey: Influence of Pesticide Industry Policy
Metolachlor technical price fluctuates sharply


Jiangsu Changqing, Jiangsu Huifeng, Sanonda, Shandong Qiaochang, Fujian Sannong, Fengshan Group, Tangshan Chenhong

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