Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1204 (12 issues per year)

Published: April, 2012
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Editor Notes

Some people may be excited for the glyphosate price uptrend and operating rate increase in Q1 2012, and they expected that there will be a great recovery in China’s glyphosate industry. However, the ceased price uptrend and eased intense supply in April 2012 indicate that it’s too abrupt to predict the market recovery of glyphosate in China. In fact, the characteristics of China’s glyphosate industry, such as overcapacity, fierce competition and poor competitiveness in global market, haven’t changed much at present. Although the increased industrial concentration level helps Chinese glyphosate manufacturers improve their bargaining power in international trade, it is still hard for Chinese glyphosate to reach a relatively high profit margin.

It’s whispered that new pollutant discharge standard for China’s glyphosate industry will be put forward in late June 2012. What’s the influence on China’s glyphosate industry? Would this new standard will sweep some manufacturers away from glyphosate business?


Anhui Huaxing suffered from operating profit loss in 2010, but was saved from ST marking due to the government subsidies.

Ongoing and endless technology improvement ensures Nantong Jiangshan’s sustainable development.

China faces chaotic market of glyphosate 41% IPA.

China bans mixed formulations with glyphosate content below 30%.

Chinese companies use treated mother liquid to produce glyphosate 30% SL.

Decreasing monochloromethane price compresses profit of glyphosate adopting glycine route.

Latest researches show that China’s glyphosate demand to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% in 2012-2016.

Syngenta develops mixed formulations containing glyphosate salt and fomesafen salt.

Glyphosate price slightly decreases in April 2012.

Glyphosate export volume in Feb. 2012 increased by 3.1% over Jan. 2012.

Anhui Huaxing saved from ST marking
Nantong Jiangshan:Technology improvement ensures sustainable development
Chaotic market of glyphosate 41% IPA
China bans mixed glyphosate formulation with glyphosate content lower than 30%
Treated mother liquid used to produce 30% glyphosate SL
Decreasing monochloromethane price compresses glyphosate profit
China’s glyphosate demand to grow at CAGR of 9.5% in 2012-2016
Mixed formulation containing glyphosate salt and fomesafen salt
Glyphosate price slightly decreases in April 2012
Glyphosate export volume in Feb. 2012 increases by 3.1% MoM


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