Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1201 (12 issues per year)

Published: January, 2012
Price: US $6,912
Pages: 11
Chinese pesticide industry had undergone a dreadful year in 2011, and the glyphosate industry, which is a sub-industry, had suffered the most. Some producers who can’t burden the continuous profit loss quitted glyphosate business in 2011, which has relatively loosen the overcapacity pressure of glyphosate technical in China. Although it is predicted that glyphosate capacity in China will continue to slightly decrease in 2012, the problem of overcapacity in China’s glyphosate industry remains serious in 2012 and the market competition will remain intense.

To seize the market share left by the ban of glyphosate 10% SL in China, many market players have made great efforts. Price reduction is one of the key strategies. Glyphosate 41% IPA has been the most popular glyphosate product since 2011, but it faces intense market competition. Many producers registered solid glyphosate ammonium formulations in 2011, indicating that the market share of solid glyphosate products will greatly grow in the future.

Although the global demand for glyphosate will keep a small growth in the future, the glyphosate safety problems and weed resistance to glyphosate have raised more and more concerns


Wynca’s stock price dropped by 57.67% in 2011, reflecting serious environment glyphosate manufactures had undergone.

Kochia has been confirmed to resist glyphosate in Canada.

Registrations of solid glyphosate ammonium salt is explosive in 2011, a sign of high market expectation on solid glyphosate specifications.

Glyphosate residual found in groundwater, raising public concerns on glyphosate safety again.

Glyphosate technical capacity is expected to decrease in 2012.

Seizing market left by the ban of glyphosate 10% SL, China’s glyphosate manufacturers will witness fiercer market competition in 2012.

China develops glyphosate-containing fertilizer, which has multi-functions including weed control, crop yield improvement and crop stress-resistance enhancement.

Glyphosate price slightly decreases in January 2011, due to the stagnant overseas inquiry caused by the Christmas Festival and the New Year vacation.

Glyphosate exports kept growing in November 2011.

Wynca’s stock price drops 57.67% in 2011
Kochia confirmed to resist glyphosate in Canada
Explosive registrations of solid glyphosate ammonium salt in 2011
Glyphosate residual found in groundwater
Forecast on glyphosate techncial supply in 2012
China’s glyphosate market to witness fiercer competition in 2012
DEA no longer attracts EA producers
China develops glyphosate-containing fertilizer
Glyphosate price slightly decreases in January 2012
Glyphosate export kept growing in November 2011


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