Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1112 (12 issues per year)

Published: December, 2011
Price: US $6,912
Pages: 9
China’s glyphosate industry has undergone the most dreadful market in 2011, and the glyphosate market this year seems stable—glyphosate output hasn’t seen a significant growth and the price fluctuates in a small range. Some glyphosate technical manufacturers quit their glyphosate businesses due to the long-term depressed market. Though the total capacity decreased in 2011, the severe overcapacity hasn’t vanished. It is predicted that the remaining China’s glyphosate technical manufacturers couldn’t enjoy favorable market in 2012, but the top glyphosate manufacturers are expected to turn from losses to profits.

Glyphosate technical with glycine route remains the most competitive in 2011, due to its comprehensive cost advantage and easy accessibility to raw materials. Since China is heightening environmental protection criterion, could glyphosate technical adopting glycine route maintain the cost advantage in the future?

SinoChem Corporation plans IPO
Nantong Jiangshan abates reliance on glyphosate business
Glyphosate registration in Australia
Competitiveness of China’s different glyphosate routes in 2011
Review of China’s glyphosate industry in 2011
Glyphosate 10% SL to withdraw the market in 2012
Active carbon catalyzed PMIDA oxidation under microwave
IDAN market disappoints investors
Glyphosate price keep stable in Dec. 2011
Glyphosate export in October 2011


Sinochem Corporation, Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd.; Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd.; Anhui Guoxing Biochemical Co., Ltd.; Monsanto

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