Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1209 (12 issues per year)

Published: September, 2012
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In H1 2012, Nantong Jiangshan has turned loss into gain, and glyphosate business has promoted greatly the operating profit of Jiangsu Yangnong. On the contrary, two listed glyphosate companies, namely Zhejiang Wynca and Anhui Huaxing, have undergone ugly operating performance and suffered operating loss in the first six months of 2012. Can all listed glyphosate producers be profitable in the first nine months of 2012?

The price of glyphosate technical has increased further in September 2012, up about 13.56% over that in August 2012, which was the highest one this year.

On 7 September, 2012, an earthquake with magnitude of 5.7 occurred on the border area between Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province, which would promote the price of yellow phosphorus further. Besides, the National Development and Reform Commission released the notification of price increase in gasoline and diesel on 10 September, 2012, and it’s estimated that the retail price of gasoline and diesel would increase by about USD0.06-0.07/L (RMB0.41-0.46/L), which may increase the cost in transportation of glyphosate producers further in the coming months.

Under the current circumstance, would the price of glyphosate related products and raw materials continue to rise?


Zhejiang Wynca has suffered operating profit loss of USD6.54 million in H1 2012, which was the highest one since its listing in 2001, due to the high operating cost.

Anhui Huaxing has suffered operating profit loss of USD1.06 million in H1 2012, and it still can’t turn loss into gain in H1 2012. Huaxing can’t grab the good sales opportunities in H1 2012 due to its mismanagement especially the decision mistake.

Jiangsu Yangnong achieved good performance in glyphosate business, which promoted its total operating performance in H1 2012, and the export volume of Jiangsu Yangnong’s glyphosate products increased by 70% over that in H1 2011.

Nantong Jiangshan failed to sell glycine-supply subsidiary————Dongchang Chemical finally, but it is successful to raise USD5.05 million from two companies, and thus Nantong Jiangshan’s equity proportion in Dongchang Chemical will fall to 46.64%.

The market situation of glyphosate has improved in H1 2012, which may last and improve the operating performance of four listed glyphosate companies further in H2 2012.

As the competition becomes more and more fierce, as well as that of the pressure of survival and profitability in China, some glyphosate producers and glyphosate upstream companies have heightened their competitiveness through different ways in the past nine months of 2012.

China has abolished the export rebate of China’s glyphosate technical at 9% on 15 July 2010, which caused the increase of cost at the depressed market of glyphosate in the past two years and accelerated the industrial integration and the industrial concentration in China’s glyphosate industry further.

The technologies of Industrialization technologies for recycling and efficient disposal of organic phosphorus undertaken by Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Wynca) will solve radically the long-standing problem on how to remove and treat the harmful impurities in glyphosate wastewater.

Glyphosate price continues to surge in September 2012.

Export price of glyphosate technical increases by 3.17% in July 2012.

Zhejiang Wynca suffers huge profit loss in H1 2012

Anhui Huaxing can’t turn loss into gain in H1 2012

Jiangsu Yangnong: Glyphosate business promotes its operating performance in H1 2012

Nantong Jiangshan is unsuccessful to sell glycine-supply subsidiary——Dongchang Chemical

Operating performance of four listed glyphosate companies may improve further in H2 2012

China’s glyphosate industry: Market integration is accelerating in 2012

Overview of export rebate abolishment in China’s glyphosate technical from August 2009 to July 2012

Zhejiang Wynca achieves breakthrough on treatment technique of glyphosate wastewater

Glyphosate price continues to surge in September 2012

Export price of glyphosate technical increases by 3.17% in July 2012


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