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Published: May, 2013
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With the increasing demand from overseas markets, China’s fungicides witnessed a 2.60% quarter-on-quarter rise in their export volume to about 18,644 tonnes in Q1 2013, according to China Customs. Among all export destinations, Vietnam ranked first place in Q1 2013 by import volume of fungicides from China, amounting to around 1,951 tonnes, followed by Ukraine, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, etc.

In addition, the average export price of fungicide products in China in Q1 2013 also climbed by 3.89% quarter on quarter to about USD5,248/t. In spite of this, the average export price of fungicides was far lower than that of imported fungicides. Specifically, the average import price of fungicide products in Q1 2013 rose to about USD10,367/t. Moreover, the growth rate of China’s import volume of fungicide products (10.45%) was higher than that of their export volume (2.60%) in China in Q1 2013.

The relatively low export price of fungicide products leads to the narrowing profit space for many domestic agrochemical companies, which will seriously impact the development of China’s fungicide industry in the future. If China’s agrochemical companies and industry associations do not make effective adjustments and active efforts, it is difficult for domestic fungicide industry to see an obvious improvement in a short time.


Jingangmycin, isoprothiolane and propiconazole•difenoconazole 30% EC (Brand name: Armure) were the mainstream rice fungicides in the three major early rice planting regions Hunan Province in 2012.

Shandong Rainbow registered 76 pesticide products in oversea countries this year (by 16 April 2013), including 31 for fungicides.

Lianhe Technology’s 500t/a 2-amino-3’-4’-5’-Trifluorobiphenyl project has been put into production recently.

Noposion witnessed a 7.29% year-on-year increase in its revenue from fungicide business in 2012, a higher growth rate than that of its total revenue.

Huifeng Agrochemical saw a more-than-expected growth in its sales revenue–59.09%, reaching USD268.89 million, mainly boosted by its fungicide and insecticide businesses.

Tianjin Xinwei secured a registration of 8% probenazole GR recently, becoming the first domestic company to gain a formulation registration of the product in China.

Rudong Zhongyi secured a registration of 98% famoxadone TC on 11 April 2013, becoming the first domestic company to register famoxadone TC.

China’s export volumes of difenoconazole technical and formulations slipped by 7.51% and 60.80% year on year respectively in 2012.

In the first quarter of 2013, China’s import and export volumes of fungicides witnessed increases.

China’s cotton planting area is expected to continue to decline in 2013.

In order to reduce the loss caused by potato late blight in 2013, the NATESC set up a program in a timely manner to strengthen the prevention and control of the disease in March 2013.

17 agrochemical companies obtained 20 new registrations (not including the update of old ones) of fungicide technical in China from Jan. to early May 2013.

Fungicide application in early rice planting in three regions of Hunan in 2012
Shandong Rainbow registered 31 fungicides in oversea countries this year
Lianhe Technology begins production of 2-amino-3’-4’-5’-Trifluorobiphenyl
Noposion witnesses 7.29% YoY growth in its fungicide revenue in 2012
Huifeng Agrochemical’s fungicide sales revenue up 58.24% in 2012
First registration of probenazole formulation from domestic company approved
Rudong Zhongyi: First domestic registrant of famoxadone TC
Export volume of difenoconazole slips in 2012
Chinese fungicides Imp. & Exp. analysis in Q1 2013
China’s cotton planting area continues to decrease in 2013
China sets up a program for the prevention & control of potato late blight
New registrations of fungicide technical in China by early May 2013


Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd., Lianhe Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Tianjin Xinwei Chemical Co., Ltd., Rudong Zhongyi Chemical Co., Ltd.

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