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Published: November, 2012
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According to Sui Pengfei, an official from the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA), during the 5th China High-Level Forum on Pesticides that new Pesticide Management Regulations will be issued before Dec. 2012, which will be favorable to the development of domestic pesticide industry in the future. Also, the detailed information about this new regulation will be timely reported by CCM.

Though the whole market situation of China’s pesticide industry witnessed recovery with the demand pull this year, fungicides’ market quotation confronted a downturn trend, especially in fungicide export. Specifically, Chinese total export volume of fungicides declined by 7.98% year on year from Jan. to Sept. 2012 to 54,250 tonnes. Under the circumstances, the total export value of fungicides also witnessed a fall of 11.49% year on year from Jan. to Sept. 2012 to about USD254.76 million.

Particularly, some key export-oriented fungicide varieties performed poorly in export business since early 2012, such as carbendazim and mancozeb. Due to the gloomy export condition, the quoted prices of these two fungicides mentioned above also gradually went down in the past few months of this year, which correspondingly exacerbated the difficulties among domestic manufacturers.


Changqing Agrochemical’s revenue and net profit both achieve double-digit growth from Jan. to Sept. 2012, to USD155.47 million and USD20.63 million respectively.

Lanfeng Biochemical’s net profit plummets by 44.71% year on year from Jan. to Sept. 2012 to USD6.81 million.

Noposion turns its performance slide around in Q3 2012, making its net profit in the first nine months of this year go up 8.56% year on year.

Market quotation of mancozeb technical is still under downturn in Oct. 2012, and its ex-factory price maintains at around USD2,832/t.

China’s carbendazim export confronts decrease to a certain extent from Jan. to Aug. 2012, mainly due to the gloomy demand from overseas market.

Domestic agrochemical companies covet fungicides to go off-patent to seize market share and much more profit in the near future.

China’s import volume and value of fungicides see a double-digit growth from Jan. to Sept. 2012, while the export situation continues going down in the meantime.

Both import and export of o-phenylenediamine in China fall from Jan. to Sept. 2012, according to China Customs.

CAC Nantong will set up one azoxystrobin technical production line with the capacity of 300t/a, which will be its new profit growth point in the near future.

Shangyu Nutrichem registers fludioxonil 98% TC in China in early Oct. 2012, which makes it the third company to own this fungicide’s registration in China.

Huanghai Pesticide Chemical prepares for relocation into Jiangsu Binhai Industry Park, pushed by the requirement of pesticide industry policy in China.

Deqiang Biochemical is planning to newly build three pesticide production lines, including two fungicide ones, to enhance its market competitiveness.

Kresoxim-methyl mixture registration significantly has been increasing in China since early 2012, which will favor this fungicide’s promotion for it to seize more market share in the future.

Registration of azoxystrobin technical witnesses rise in China in 2012, especially in Oct., amounting to eight, accounting for 50% of the total in the first ten months of this year.

Changqing Agrochemical: both revenue and net profit achieve double-digit growth from Q1 to Q3 2012
Lanfeng Biochemical’s net profit down 44.71% year on year in the first nine months of 2012
Noposion turns performance slide around in Q3 2012
Market quotation of mancozeb technical still sees downturn in Oct. 2012
Carbendazim export confronts decrease in the first eight months of 2012
Domestic companies covet fungicides to go off-patent
Chinese fungicides Imp. & Exp. analysis in Sept. 2012
O-phenylenediamine: both import and export fall in the first nine months of 2012
CAC Nantong to build 300t/a azoxystrobin technical production line
Shangyu Nutrichem registers fludioxonil 98% TC
Huanghai Pesticide Chemical relocates into Binhai Industry Park
Deqiang Biochemical to build ningnanmycin and bacillus subtilis production lines
Kresoxim-methyl mixture registration significantly rises since early 2012
Registration of azoxystrobin technical jumps in Oct. 2012


Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd., CAC Nantong Chemical Co., Ltd., Shangyu Nutrichem Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huanghai Pesticide Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Deqiang Biochemical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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