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Published: April, 2012
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As the shrinking of area of arable land in China continues due to the speeding up of urbanization in recent years, the Chinese government is now planning to carry out more measures to stop the shrinking of arable land and ensure grain security.

Recently, Ministry of Land and Resources of China released to carry out a policy, namely National Land Consolidation Planning (2011-2015), aiming to increase effective area of arable land by 1.6 million ha. and build up high standard farmland of 26.67 million ha. during this period. Although it is predicted that the total investment of the plan is predicted to reach USD95.24 million, the gains are obvious. After the construction of the high standard farmland project, China’s grain production capacity is predicted to increase by 25,000,000t/a.


China plans to build up 26.67 million ha. of high standard farmland in the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015).

Jiangsu Yangnong releases its Q1 financial report of 2012 on 24 April, 2012 showing its net profit in this period surges by 40.73% over Q1 2011.

Jiangsu Changqing announces on 21 April, 2012 that it plans to rebuild its 1,000t/a imidacloprid production line with new production technology.

Thaihot Group announces on 23 April, 2012 that it will add an investment of about USD47.62 million in Sannong Chemical to accelerate the construction progress of the organic fluorine project.

Nanjing Redsun plans to set up a new pesticide subsidiary in Chongqing City for the expansion of its pesticide business.

On 23 April, 2012, the 44th Session of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residue is held in Shanghai, attracting 237 representatives and 8 international organizations from 59 countries and areas in the world to attend.

There is a huge market for agricultural unmanned helicopter spraying. And agricultural enterprises try to provide special agents for unmanned helicopters to expand their market shares.

After two-year decrease, the planting acreage of early rice in China will realize a recovery growth in 2012, which is estimated to reach 5.87 million ha.

According to NATESC, wheat diseases and pests will seriously occur in the middle and later period of wheat growth in 2012, accumulatively hitting about 21.33 million ha. and 26.00 million ha. respectively.

China to build up large areas of high standard farmland in 2011-2015
Jiangsu Yangnong: net profit surges by 40.73% in Q1 2012
Jiangsu Changqing to rebuild imidacloprid production line
Thaihot Group to accelerate expansion in organic fluorine industry
Nanjing Redsun to found a pesticide subsidiary
China: lots of work need to be done on pesticide residue
Agricultural enterprises show great interest in unmanned helicopter spraying market
Planting acreage of early rice in China realizes recovery growth
Wheat diseases and pests to seriously occur in 2012


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