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Published: January, 2012
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Domestic pesticide market is predicted to see growth in 2012, as pests and diseases are predicted to be more serious by National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Centre. Total domestic demand for pesticides in 2012 is predicted to reach 319,400 tonnes, up 4.37% over 2011. Two of the three main pesticides, namely insecticides and fungicides, will witness a demand uptrend in 2012; and the demand for herbicides in 2012 will keep almost the same level as that in 2011.

Although it is good news for most of the pesticide players in China, they can’t expect much from it. Some factors will still bother the performance of most pesticide players in 2012. First of all, the prediction may not be that accurate according to the prediction data in the past years. It is just a predicted data for reference. Weather and climate will change unexpectedly in parts of China, just like the serious drought in northern China. Second, as a pesticide export-oriented country, a large volume of Chinese pesticides are consumed by overseas market every year. The increasing demand in domestic pesticide market will have a little help to relieve the pressure of domestic overcapacity. Other factors, such as RMB appreciation, climbing of production cost, and intense competition, etc. will continue to be big problems domestic pesticide players have to face in 2012.


Domestic pesticide market is predicted to see growth, as the pests and diseases will be more serious in 2012.

Main internal expansion cases of domestic pesticide enterprises in 2011

China launched a new round of rural reform on 12 Jan., 2012, aiming to give a trial on seven new rural reform systems.

MIIT releases an emergency note on 12 Jan., 2012, announcing that nine highly toxic pesticides of six pesticide enterprises will be called to revoke immediately.

The 12th Five-Year Development Plan for Grain Industry, released on 11 Jan., 2012, stipulates that about 50 local large-scale grain enterprises will be cultured.

ABA Chemicals releases its performance express of 2011 on 20 Jan., 2012, showing a good performance in 2011.

Nantong Jiangshan predicts that its net profit in 2011 will be 0-USD0.95 million, decreasing by 80%-100% compared with that in 2010.

Climbing production cost, low operating rate and cancelling of the re-registration of acetochlor in EU member states will lead to a continuous supply shortage of acetochlor in China in Q1 2012.

The net profit of cotton in Xinjiang in 2011 decreased by 48.53%, which would seriously affect the enthusiasm of cotton peasants. Xinjiang expected that cotton subsidy management will be made to support the cotton industry.

2012 domestic pesticide market to see growth
Main internal expansion cases of domestic pesticide enterprises in 2011
New round of rural reform launched
Production licenses of 9 highly toxic pesticide products called to revoke
China to culture about 50 local large-scale grain enterprises
ABA Chemicals witnesses good performance in 2011
Nantong Jiangshan predicts net profit down 80%-100% in 2011
Acetochlor: short supply continues in Q1 2012
Xinjiang needs policy support for cotton industry


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