Crop Protection China News 1124 (12 issues per year)

Published: December, 2011
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China’s Annual Central Conference on Rural Work was held in Beijing on 27 Dec., 2011. The conference focused on reviewing the progress in rural development in 2011 and putting forward requirements of rural development in 2012.

Despite the discussion of enhancing the agricultural subsidy system and the achievements received in the past few years, the eye-catching policy, namely the No.1 Central Document of 2012 (draft), has also been revised at the conference. Main contents of the document have been finally nailed down, which will focus on the development of agricultural technology. The prediction of what the No.1 Central Document of 2012 will focus on in Crop Protection China News 1122 has been proved. In line with the document, the development of seed industry has become one of the most important industries that will be largely supported in the coming year. Promoting the industrialization of new GM seed industry which was previously mentioned in the No.1 Central Document of 2011 is now reaffirmed in the 2012 edition.

Overview of China’s pesticide industry 2011
China to further increase investment in agricultural subsidy
12th Five Year Plan for Environmental Protection released
Vegetable circulation to be exempt from VAT
Full implementation of new pesticide policy in Hainan postponed
Grandpharma formally enters bio-pesticide field
Huapont to enter Brazilian pesticide market
Chlorpyrifos and imidacloprid demand surges in Nov., 2011
2011: Heilongjiang harvests highest grain yield in China for the first time


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