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Published: November, 2011
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The discussion about the main content of the coming No.1 Central Document of 2012 has attracted lots of eyeballs recently, especially in domestic stock market. The mainstream conjecture has been formed and accepted by most of the investors and securities traders in China.

As China has been continuously putting more focuses on agricultural issues in the past few years, many experts predict that the main focus of the No.1 Central Document of 2012 may go to agricultural technology in 2012 and the key concern may be won by the seed industry.

If the conjecture becomes a reality, it will be the 9th No.1 Central Document that China released aiming to focus its job on three agricultural issues (agriculture, rural areas and peasants) since 2000.

Stimulated by the information, the stock prices of some domestic agricultural companies started to surge at the end of Nov. 2011; some of the prices even reached surging limit.

Bayer sets up Seed Treatment Application Center in China
Jiangsu Huifeng to change IPO projects
Accident occurs again in Nantong Jiangshan
New tax policy barely benefits small agricultural enterprises
China may largely support the development of agricultural technology
Rhizobium inoculant faces market promotion problems in China
Sumitomo expands the capacity of urea-formaldehyde fertilizer
Plant construction upsurge of chloride pesticide intermediate
10 new AIs registered in Q3 2011


Bayer CropScience (China), Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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