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Published: November, 2011
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It can’t be denied that China’s pesticide industry has witnessed a great development in the past few decades, but problems, on the other hand, show up, such as overcapacity, over competition, lack of innovation capability and chaotic market management.

Domestic pesticide enterprises still lack competitiveness compared with their international counterparts. It is calculated that the total revenue of the first 100 pesticide manufacturers reached USD7,803.62 million in 2010 (data from 2011 China Top 100 Pesticide Manufacturers).

However, the pesticide revenue of Syngenta in 2010 reached USD8,900 million with a growth rate of 3% over 2009. What a painful reality that shames the entire domestic pesticide industry! The total pesticide revenue of China’s top 100 pesticide manufacturers in 2010 can’t even catch up with that of Syngenta in 2010.

Lacking of pesticide innovation technology, China is becoming a long-term contract worker of foreign pesticide giants, gaining little OEM profits. They are more inclined to the production of off-patent pesticides and OEM production for foreign pesticide enterprises, which makes the progress in pesticide innovation more difficult.

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Jiangsu Limin Chemical Co., Ltd., Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Anhui Guangxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

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