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Published: September, 2012
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For pesticide industry, it is CCM’s impression that China is always the major target of anti-dumping, but it seldom files anti-dumping against other countries. The latest launched anti-dumping investigation on pyridine imported from Japan and India is a good try. Pyridine companies reveal that the lower priced pyridine from Japan and India has impacted their business and they have to file anti-dumping to defend their rights.

Although domestic pesticide companies may have learned something from coping with anti-dumping in the past years, but they are still a rookie in filing anti-dumping. Domestic pyridine companies said they are not sure if they can win this case.

Besides, some pesticide companies expect the government to launch policies such as increasing export rebate to promote export, which is not necessary according to CCM’s view.


It is reported that the government is planning to increase export rebate to promote export, but is it really necessary?

Hunan Province carries out Hunan Pesticide Blacklist Management Regulation (Trial) on 31 Aug., 2012 to further strengthen the supervision of pesticide market.

On 13 Aug., 2012, a pesticide dealer in Zhanjiang City is arrested due to being suspected of illegal sales of Hazardouschemical. It is considered to be the first case in China that pesticide dealer faces criminal punishment for selling hazardous chemical.

Huayang Group’s share transfer plan is approved by the SASAC, meaning Huayang Group will successfully withdraw from Huayang Technology finally.

On Sept. 21, 2012, the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C decides to initiate the anti-dumping investigation on the imported pyridine originating from India and Japan with immediate effect.

Shandong is lagging far behind other major pesticide production provinces in China. For further development, the companies in Shandong should make full use of it.

Seed coating agent is expected to enjoy a bright market prospect in China.

Special agents without public pollution are needed urgently along with the rapid development of unmanned helicopter spraying in China.

Some pesticide technicals are firstly registered by domestic companies, including pentoxazone, fludioxonil, florasulam, etc.

Should China increase pesticide export rebate?
Hunan sets up pesticide business blacklist system
Selling highly toxic pesticide now faces arrest
Huayang Group’s withdraw from Huayang Technology finally
China initiates anti-dumping investigation on imported pyridine
Shandong pesticide companies should make full use of capital market
Seed coating agent eyes bright prospect
Needs special agents for unmanned helicopter urgently in China
Some pesticide techncials firstly registered by domestic companies


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