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Published: August, 2012
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Australian Customs and Border Protection Service announced on 2 Aug., 2012 that it will halt the anti-dumping investigation on Chinese glyphosate formulations on the grounds that no anti-dumping evidence is showed in the investigation results. It becomes the second another typical winning case that domestic glyphosate faced recently after Zhejiang Wynca claimed on 24 July, 2012 to finally win the long-term glyphosate anti-dumping case accused by the Council of the European Union since 2000.

Since Australia is not the main export destination of domestic glyphosate, many domestic glyphosate enterprises faced the victory peacefully. They believed that the winning of the anti-dumping case will not have much positive influence on their glyphosate business.


Australia claims to cancel anti-dumping investigation over Chinese glyphosate formulations which have been investigating since Feb. 2012 .

Zhongshan’s reformation of designated sales of highly toxic pesticides initiated in 2003 has been failed and the management of highly toxic pesticides in the city faces chaotic condition so far.

Seed industry and pesticide industry in China are still not ready for comprehensive combination according to the industries’ conditions and national conditions.

Noposion’s H1 performance slightly slides, with revenue and net profit reaching USD176.03 million and USD18.38 million, down 3.88% and 10.35% over H1 2011.

Nutrichem contributes a lot to the growth of Huapont’s H1 2012 performance which performs very well.

Shandong Lubei is planning to construct a pesticide factory in Myanmar reportedly.

Two domestic pesticide enterprises have accessed to gain the registration of 98% thiamethoxam TC in July and Aug. 2012.

The prices of imported pesticides increase in 2012 for the rigid demand.

The third generation of armyworm seriously breaks out in North and Northeast China, affecting a total planting area of over 2 million ha.

Zhongshan fails in reformation of designated sales of highly toxic pesticides
Australia halts the anti-dumping investigation on Chinese glyphosate formulations
Seed industry + pesticide industry: ready for combination?
Noposion’s performance continues to slide in H1 2012
Nutrichem vigorously promotes Huapont’s performance in H1 2012
Shandong Lubei plans to construct pesticide factory in Myanmar
Prices of imported pesticides increase
Third generation of armyworm seriously outbreaks in China


Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Huapont Pharm. Co., Ltd., Nutrichem Laboratory Co., Ltd. , Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group General Company

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