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Published: April, 2012
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The price of corn stops increasing and remains stable in April 2012. As spring ploughing is approaching, farmers are selling some corn in order to obtain cash to buy seeds and fertilizers, recovering the supply of corn. What’s more, the lower price of imported corn exerts pressure on domestic corn. To be remarkable, China’s import volume of corn was over 500,000 tonnes in Feb. 2012, reaching 1,272,000 tonnes plus that in Jan. 2012. Besides, according to the customs, the import volume of corn in the first two months of 2012 was about 450 times more than that in 2011. Moreover, the National Grain and Oil Information Center predicted that China’s import volume of corn will get to 4 million tonnes in 2012.

Different from the prosperity of corn market, the market of corn products is not so good, such as lysine, corn starch and starch sugar. For example, the price of lysine has been decreasing responding to the declining price of live pigs since last Nov. For another, the price of corn starch is exciting with an uptrend in April but the transaction volume is quite low, forcing many starch producers to reduce production. Generally, all these corn products are facing weak demand and high cost. Hopefully, in May, with the International Labor Day and high temperature which will benefit pig raisers and beverage enterprises respectively, corn product players will see an easier market surroundings.


Domestic output of VC increases by 7% to about 140,000 tonnes in 2011 over that in 2010.

Domestic output of L-arginine enjoys a 34.8% increase in 2011 compared with that in 2010.

In Feb. 2012, both import value and export value of corn products suffered decrease compared with those in Jan. 2012.

Citric acid price in China has maintained relative stability in April 2012, but it’s believed to rise a little in the near future.

Domestic MSG industry suffers a lower profit level in 2011 than 2010, majorly due to the significant increase in raw material cost.

Starch sugar business of Xiwang Sugar suffers a poor performance, while Global Sweeteners performs well in 2011 compared with that in 2010.

Global Sweeteners signs an agreement with Cargill in March 2012 to wholly own their HFCS joint venture.

Among all amio acids, lysine contributes the most to Global Bio-chem’s good performance in 2011

Corn starch in China witnesses a little poorer performance in 2011, especially in the second half of the year.

Tongchuang Biotechnology increases its capacity of 70% syrup sorbitol from 100,000t/a to 200,000t/a in July or August of 2012.

Import volume of cassava starch in China witnesses an 18.1% increase in 2011 over that in 2010.

Growth rate of corn price in China has slowed down in April 2012, and the price may even fall back in the near future.

VC’s output in China rises by 7% in 2011
Domestic output of L-arginine increases 34.8% in 2011
Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp. analysis in February 2012
Domestic citric acid price witnesses stability in April 2012
Domestic MSG industry suffers lower profit level in 2011
Analysis into starch sugar business of Xiwang Sugar and Global Sweeteners in 2011
Global Sweeteners will wholly own HFCS joint venture
Lysine contributes most to Global Bio-chem’s good performance in 2011
Corn starch in China performs slightly poorly in 2011
Tongchuang Biotechnology to increase its 70% syrup sorbitol capacity to 200,000t/a in 2012
Cassava starch’s import volume increases by 18.1% in 2011
Domestic corn price’s growth rate slows down in April 2012


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