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Published: April, 2013
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Entering April 2013, as the H7N9 influenza broke out in China, the domestic demand for corn slackens. Due to the disease, China’s demand for poultry meat obviously decreases, discouraging farmers’ enthusiasm to raise more chickens and ducks in a short time. Thus, the demand for feeds, including corn and other corn products used as feeds, dropped in these two months. Moreover, with the inventory report released by the USDA in March, the international price of corn fell down further in April. Affected by this, the domestic price of corn also went down in this month.

In addition, China will finish the national purchase of corn at the end of April. Until April 12, 2013, China Grain Reserves Corporation has purchased more than 17.2 million tonnes of corn. The grain depots in Northeast China have been full, indicating that the national purchase volume will be limited. After the national purchase, the domestic market price of corn will not be able to maintain its level and will probably go down in May.


On March 15, 2013, Welcome Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of North China Pharmaceutical, was slapped with
an antitrust suit about VC in the US and required to pay USD162 million.

The EFSA acknowledged that the use of erythritol in soft drinks at a level of 2.5% can’t adequately protect
children, which is the second rejection to Cargill’s attempt to secure erythritol’s use at that level.

In Feb. 2013, the total import value of corn products in China witnessed a 2% month-on-month decrease and
their export value also declined by 19% compared with that in Jan. 2013.

The market price of corn gluten meal in China decreased in April due to the H7N9 bird flu.

Shandong government plans to allow Longlive Bio-technology to supply its cellulose ethanol to three cities in
Shandong Province. Once it comes true, it’s estimated that the sales volume of Longlive Bio-technology’s
cellulose ethanol will see a dramatic rise in 2013.

China’s import price of corn from the US will probably not increase in 2013 based on the more-than-expected
stock and record large planting area in the US this year.

In 2012, COFCO Biochemical’s revenue increased but its net profit decreased compared with those in 2011.

The Chinese government published a notice that subsidies for good-quality seeds will continue in 2013.
The MIIT announced the elimination targets of inferior capacities in 19 industries in 2013, including MSG, citric
acid and alcohol.

China’s plasticizer standards for white spirits will be introduced in two months, according to CNFIA.

Due to the decreasing market purchase price of new corn, the temporary purchase volume of corn has reached
8.7 million tonnes in 2012/2013.

Because of the low international price and excessive supply of sugar, the domestic price of sugar continued its
downtrend in the first three months of 2013.

Welcome Pharmaceutical slapped with an antitrust suit by the US
EFSA rejects erythritol’s use in soft drinks at the level of 2.5%
Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp. analysis in Feb. 2013
Sales volume of Longlive Bio-technology’s cellulose ethanol likely to soar in 2013
H7N9 bird flu impacts corn products used as feeds
China’s import price of corn from the US not to increase in 2013
COFCO Biochemical’s net profit decreases by 48% in 2012
Chinese government continues subsidy policy for good-quality seeds
MIIT announces elimination targets for inferior capacities in 2013
What will the new standards for plasticizers bring to domestic edible alcohol
Decreasing market purchase price of corn increases the temporary purchase volume
Domestic market price of sugar continues to decrease in the first three months of 2013

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Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd., COFCO Biochemical (Anhui) Co., Ltd., Hebei Welcome Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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