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Published: February, 2013
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In Feb. 2013, due to the sufficient supply and weak demand for corn in feed and corn deep-processing industries, domestic market price of corn kept steady–about USD390/t during its first uptrend phase which is usually located during the state temporary purchase period of corn. This was the first time that domestic market price of corn stopped keeping increasing during the temporary purchase period of corn over the last three years. Having experienced surplus corn supply at the end of 2011/2012, downstream producers and traders are not going to raise their purchase price of corn urgently because they believe the supply of corn in 2012/2013 will be sufficient, at least in the first half of 2012/2013.

Generally, the overall demand for corn products is weak in Feb. 2013. Since domestic market price of live pigs decreased unexpectedly since late Jan. 2013, the market price of corn products as feed or feed additives did not enjoy the small climax in market before the Spring Festival, the major festival in China. The market prices of most corn products as feed or feed additives kept steady in Feb. 2013. In addition, the market prices of starch sugars kept overall steady as the government launched state reserve for sugar to relieve the market price uptrend of sugar.


On Jan. 4, 2013, USDC made a preliminary determination that the dumping margin of xanthan gum from China was from 21.69% to 154.07%.

In Dec. 2012, the total import value of corn products in China witnessed a 30% month-on-month decrease while the export value of corn products grew by 5% compared with that in Nov. 2012.

China’s import volume of corn products surged by 191% in 2012 while the export volume of these products dropped by 5% compared with those in 2011.

Domestic market price of HFCS still decreased slightly in Feb. 2013 due to weak demand and decreasing market price of sugar.

Due to the decreasing market price of live pigs, increasing market price of soybean and stable price of corn, domestic market prices of corn gluten meal, DDGS, corn germ meal and corn fibre kept generally steady in Feb. 2013.

Baolingbao enjoys large development potential in 2013 due to large potential increase in the sales of its products.

Domestic market price of corn oil fluctuated in 2012 because of its seasonal consumption and fluctuation in the market price of soybean oil.

Domestic output of BCAAs increased slowly due to weak demand at home and abroad in recent years.

In 2012, corn in China drew more and more attention because of not only its increasing market price but also its surging import volume etc.

The market price of potato starch in China witnessed overall uptrend in 2012 due to the increasing market price of potato caused by decreasing output.

USDC preliminarily finds dumping of imports of xanthan gum from China
Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp. analysis in Dec. 2012
Domestic market price of HFCS remains downtrend in Feb. 2013
Market prices of corn products as feed keep steady in China in Feb. 2013
Baolingbao enjoys large development potential in 2013
Market price of corn oil fluctuates in China in 2012
BCAAs develop slowly in China in recent years
Domestic market price of potato starch witnesses overall uptrend in 2012


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