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Published: November, 2012
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In early and middle Nov. 2012, domestic market price of corn maintained downtrend but the downtrend was much gentler than that in Oct. 2012 because temporary reserve of corn is approaching and many insiders thought the temporary reserve price would be higher than that in 2011 considering the cost of corn planting increased in 2012. In fact, Jilin Corn Center Exchange has verified that the average temporary reserve price in northeastern China (including Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia) would be about USD342/t (RMB2,140/t). But when the temporary reserve will launch is not sure yet.

Corn products performed poorly generally in Nov. 2012. The market price of live pigs and sugar stayed low, inhibiting demand for corn products in sweetener and feed industries, two major consumption areas of corn products. In fact, the gloomy market of these two products in the first eleven months of 2012 has made many corn product producers suffer decreasing profit. Some producers even predicted that they would suffer loss in 2012 according to their Q3 2012 reports.


Domestic market prices of sugar and live pigs may stay low in H1 2013, decreasing demand for corn products in sweetener and feed industries.

In Sept. 2012, the import value of corn products in China sees a 35% decline while the export value increases by 14%.

Market price of HFCS in China sees downtrend in the past two months because of decreasing demand from beverage industry and declining cost from corn.

Domestic market prices of corn products used as feed witness downtrend during Oct.-Nov. 2012 due to declining market prices of corn and soybean meal.

The first xanthan gum production line of Xinjiang Fufeng comes on stream in Nov. 2012, meaning the company begins to generate profit as the largest fermentation base of Fufeng Group starts operation.

Changshouhua Food and Xiwang Food enjoy rapid development in recent years thanks to the inflating market of corn oil.

Baolingbao shows confident in its future although the company performs a little poorly in Q3 2012.

Crystalline fructose of Xiwang Sugar performs well against the slightly poor performance of the company in Q3 2012.

Although Chinese government restricts the development of MSG, domestic capacity and output of MSG increase stably in recent years.

Recently, MOC launches mid-term review of anti-dumping of ribonucleotide products generated from three Indonesian and Thai companies.

On Nov. 9, 2012, China reaches an agreement with Ukraine to permit it to export 2-2.5 million tonnes of corn to China each year.

Domestic supply of sugar will exceed demand in 2012/2013 grinding season, making the market of sugar gloomy.

Domestic overall demand for corn products may keep weak in H1 2013

Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp. analysis in Sept. 2012

Market price of HFCS declines in China during Oct. 2012-Nov. 2012

Domestic market prices of corn products used as feed decline during Oct.-Nov. 2012

Exclusive interview with Vice President Chen: Part of Xinjiang Fufeng’s production lines will be put into production in Nov. 2012

Competitive analysis into Changshouhua Food and Xiwang Food

Baolingbao shows confidence in itself despite a bit declining performance in Q3 2012

Crystalline fructose–a highlight of Xiwang Sugar in Q3 2012

MSG develops stably in China in recent years

MOC launches mid-term review of anti-dumping of ribonucleotide products

Ukraine allowed to export corn to China

Sugar: review in 2011/2012 and outlook in 2012/2013


Fufeng Group Co., Ltd.
Star Lake Bioscience Co., Inc. Zhaoqing Guangdong
Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.
Xiwang Sugar Holdings Company Limited
Changshouhua Food Company Limited
Shandong Xiwang Food Co., Ltd.

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