China Agriculture Investment Express_Sample

Published: July, 2011
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Pages: 16
Agriculture is important for China, which draws Chinese Central Government’s close attention. With the industrial modernization, Chinese agricultural industry is to develop to be more environmentally friendly, hi-tech-oriented and less resource-dependent.

However, agrichemical industries, such as fertilizer and pesticide industries, are facing overcapacity; feed industry requires upgrading and food industry witnesses security crisis. Hence, the government has restricted the chaotic expansion by implementing stricter requirements, such as industrial entry criteria. To maintain long-term development and to develop with stronger competitiveness, companies have to expand their capacities, enrich product portfolios and extend value chain through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the coming years.

8 measures promoting China agricultural products logistics
Policies on foreign investment in China stricter
Laws and regulations on food safety accelerate M&A in food industry

Phosphorus ore resource draws wide attention
M&A to continue in feed industry
M&A in global agricultural industry increasing
Two listed pesticide companies transformed into mining corp.
Major domestic M&A in pesticide industry

Shandong Kingenda seeks M&A
COFCO further strengthens and expands wine market
Bright Food shows ambition in domestic and overseas M&A
Longping High-Tech: road to industry consolidation
China BlueChemical to strengthen profitability through acquisition

Agricultural products


Shandong Huayang Technology Co., Ltd.; Shandong Dacheng Pesticide Co., Ltd. ;Shandong Kingenta Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd.;COFCO Wine & Spirits Co., Ltd. ;Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd. ;Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. ;China BlueChemical Ltd.

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