China Agriculture Investment Bimonthly Report 1102

Published: September, 2011
Price: US $1,080
Pages: 15
On Sep. 20th, 2011, the Ministry of Commerce discloses that China has totally utilized USD77.63 billion foreign capitals during Jan. and Aug., 4.4% of which is for merger & acquisition (M&A). This indicates that the proportion of M&A has increased, from 3.1% in 2010. With the rising cost, more and more foreign investors are shifting from setting up plants directly to seeking M&A in China. With the deepened industrial integration and upgrade, China’s agriculture industry will attract more and more foreign investors. Take Nestle for example, it has successfully taken over Yinlu this September, and its acquisition for Hsu Fu Chi is now in progress.

Moreover, the Chinese government is encouraging Chinese agricultural enterprises to develop the overseas market through M&A, absorb mature management experience, form a batch of resourcebased multinational enterprises and enhance their R&D ability.

China probably to equalize agricultural products’ input and output value-added tax rate
China encourages agricultural enterprises’ oversea investment
How to effectively regulate the price of agricultural products
Price update of agricultural products
Phosphorus ore resources attract more investment
China probably to increase export tariff for binary compound fertilizer
Entry cost of phosphate & ammonium industry raised
Price update of main fertilizers
ZARD to purchase Henan Dishen
ChemChina Agchem to become Cangzhou Dahua’s controlling shareholder
Winall Hi-Tech to purchase Tieyan Seed 54.05% share
Price update of agrichemicals
China to implement entry criterion for fruit and vegetable juice concentrate (pulp) processing industry
Bright Food succeeds in Manassen Foods acquisition
Sanyuan Foods and Macrolink Holding to take over Hunan Taizinai
Nestle successfully takes over Yinlu
Price update of food and feed


Zhongken Agricultural Resource Development Co., Ltd.,Henan Huangfanqu Dishen Seeds Co., Ltd.,ChemChina Agrochemical Corporation, Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd., Manassen Foods Australia Pty Ltd.,Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd., Nestle (China) Ltd.

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