China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1706

Published: June, 2017
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Pages: 24
China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report provides you with real-time intelligence on China’s fluorochemicals market.

It is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription period is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.

China is now a leading producer of a whole range of fluorochemicals. However, competition in the industry is shifting as traditional low- to mid-end product sectors such as hydrogen fluoride, aluminum fluoride and cryolite are suffering from severe overcapacity, while other markets such as PTFE, PVDF, LiPF6 and HFOs are developing rapidly. Meanwhile, the battle is heating up between the HFC and natural refrigerant industries as China transitions away from HCFCs.

China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire fluoride materials industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption. This includes:

  • Breaking news from China and abroad
  • The latest market data, including price information for raw materials, intermediates and end products, import/export data, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.
  • In-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, the performance of leading Chinese producers, M&A, new technologies, and more
  • Expert commentary from industry insiders, including regular guest articles and interviews with insiders at leading Chinese manufacturers, associations and government organizations

Editor’s Note
Column 1 Market Dynamics
Capchem acquires 100% stake in BASF
Shanghai 3F ends production in Wujing
Development of environmentally friendly refrigerants: an investment in green industry
Column 2 Company Dynamics
Jiujiang Tinci plans to obtain state-owned land use rights of Hukou Xinkangda
Zhejiang Yongtai to invest in API and Chinese herbal extract projects
Do-fluoride to participate across AEV industrial chain
Honeywell: auto refrigerant production base put into production
Elion Clean Energy announces latest progress of its asset reconstruction
Sanming Hexafluo to invest in fine fluorochemical project
Do-fluoride invests USD19.83 million in Yibu Yongche
Column 3 Political Factors
EC revises restriction clauses concerning PFOA in REACH
US withdrawal from Paris Agreement to benefit fluorine-enriched refrigerant industry
India published preliminary results of anti-dumping investigation into China’s oxygen-fluorine acid
Column 4 Technology
JGTC breaks foreign monopoly
Progress on research of Na-storage fluoride materials made in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS
Tianjin Fastcold introduces new freezer
FK5112 fire extinguisher application seminar held in Beijing
Guangdong Shengyi and Chukoh signs framework agreement for CCL technology transfer
Column 5 Market Data Analysis
China’s PTFE price continues rising in May 2017
China’s fluorite (CaF2>97%) price climbs continuously in May 2017
Column 6 Import & Export
Import and export of major fluorochemicals in China in April 2017
Column 7 Price Update
Ex-works prices of major fluorochemicals in China in May 2017

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