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Published: September, 2012
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A recent scientific publication suggested that some researchers, funded by the US Department of Agriculture, fed experimental GMO ’Golden Rice’ to 24 rural children aged 6-18 years old in China. The disclosure of this research has aroused great pubic concerns in China. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claimed that no domestic institution has been approved to participate in the research, and is now conducting an investigation on the allegations of the research.

How to raise the increasing population under the limited resources such as farmland and water has become a very serious issue worldwide. The emergence of new bio-technologies has contributed greatly to crop productivity, farming efficiency and living standard improvement. Though GMO soybeans are produced and consumed in many countries, the commercialization of GMO cereals has been strictly controlled in most countries in the world. As to China, the largest consumer of GMO soybean in the world, it is pretty cautious about introducing the technology on a commercial basis amid widespread public concern about food safety. How to raise the largest population in the world and provide residents with safe foods is very big challenge for the authorities. Beyond GMO technologies, modern agriculture is expected to play a more and more important role in China’s food safety and security.


Legend Holdings Ltd. has completed a takeover of Qufu Confucius Family Liquor Co., Ltd. at a cost of USD63.32 million (RMB400 million), expanding its white wine business.

Yiqiao Marine Seeds enjoys an operating profit margin of 53.87% in H1 2012, much higher over other listed companies in agricultural industry.

Three agricultural investment funds were founded in China in August 2012, with total fund planned to be raised amounting to USD1.27 billion (RMB8 billion).

Monsod Drought-Resistance, a company principally engaged in ecological environment construction with Inner Mongolia plants, landed on China Growth Enterprise Board on 17 September, 2012.

Beijing DQY is to build the world’s largest raising base of egg-laying chickens, with a capacity of 7 billion chickens per year.

Medium and large-scale banks are extending rural financial business.

Innovation is a key word in the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Rural Economic Development.

The 12th Five-Year Plan for Domestic Trade Development was released on 1 September, 2012, which emphasized the development of construction of modern market system and modern agricultural produces circulation system in rural regions.

China suffers low achievement in cotton purchasing and stockpiling in Sept. 2012.

China’s largest spot cotton exchange center is to open in Tianmen City (Hubei Province) in December 2012.

Legend Holdings Co., Ltd. (Legend Holdings), is expanding business in agricultural industry, one of its five investment fields.

Profit in rice growing is relatively low and China should accelerate the circulation and integration of farmland.

Legend Holdings expands investment in white wine business
Yiqiao Marine Seeds: operating margin hits 53.87% in H1 2012
Three agricultural investment funds founded in Aug. 2012
Beijing DQY to build world’s largest raising base for egg-laying chickens in Chuzhou
Monsod Drought-Resistance listed in Growth Enterprise Board
Medium and large-scale banks extend rural financial business
Innovation: Key word in 12th Five-Year Plan for National Rural Economic Development
12th Five-Year Plan for Domestic Trade Development released
Low market price results in low achievement in cotton stockpile in Sept. 2012
China’s largest spot cotton exchange center to open in Dec. 2012
Layout of Legend Holdings’ investment in agricultural business
China encounters low profitability in rice growing
ASEAN becomes China’s 2nd largest trading partner of agricultural produces
China becomes world’s largest importer of agricultural produces
China to invest USD1.14 billion in agriculture produces’ quality inspection and testing system
Wholesale and retail markets of agricultural produces to enjoy two tax exemption
MOA: China to ensure wheat planting area over 22.60 million ha. in 2012/2013 season
China’s soybean import volume in the first eight months ups 17.4% YoY
Jilin Province promotes integrated culture in paddy field
Chuying Agro-Pastoral explores pork sales business


Legend Holdings Co., Ltd.; Dalian Yiqiao Marine Seeds Co., Ltd.; Inner Mongolia Hotision and Monsod Drought-Resistance Greening Co., Ltd.; Beijing DQY Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.; Minsheng Banking Corporation; Eagle Fund Management Co., Ltd.

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