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Published: August, 2012
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Chinese consumers have been hurt by lots of food scandals in recent years and they are like burnt children who dread the fire at present.

On 9 Aug., 2012, a famous domestic financial magazine released via its microblogging service that it will publish an article that ten domestic wine products were tested and found to contain pesticide residues, namely carbendazim and metalaxyl. The stock price of Changyu, a leading Chinese wine maker, dropped by 9.83% on 10 Aug.

Most people in China don’t know the difference between pesticide residues and maximum pesticide residue limits, the word ’pesticide’ always arouses their worries about the safety of the product. Changyu issued a statement on its official website on 11 Aug., saying that all its products are up to national standards. Some experts also explained that carbendazim and metalaxyl are normal pesticides used in grape planting and the pesticide residues are unavoidable, and it will pose no threat to humans if the pesticide residues are below the maximum pesticide residue limits.

Although this event on wine pesticide residues seems to have been settled, it is the time for domestic companies and the government to rethink and make changes. A food safety scandal will damage a company’s reputation, and worse than that, it may lead to the collapse of a company, or even an industry in an instant.

In fact, domestic consumers are losing confidence in homemade food products and they are more likely to buy imported food products. The strong demand for imported dairy products is a typical example.


Tiantang Guigu is cooperating with Dakang Pasture to acquire and integrate pig farms.

Sunner Development plans to expand its broiler chicken breeding and slaughtering capacity to 750 million per year in the future five years.

Three pesticide companies, namely Jiangsu Sevencontinent, Limin Chemical and Sichuan Guoguang, are on their way of IPO.

Zhejiang’s private capital has been rushing into agricultural industry.

NDRC recently issued a price reporting policy for edible oil, aiming to strengthen the price adjustment. However, its effect is estimated to be unsatisfying.

China is planning to revise the Rural Land Contract Law to boost land transaction.

China released the 12th Five-Year National Program for Rural Economic Development in early Aug. 2012.

China’s grain import increased sharply by 283.7% year on year in H1 2012, and the total grain import this year may exceed the high import level in 2004.

Many corn planting areas in China have been facing a threat from the most serious armyworm occurrence in 10 years since Aug. Fortunately, the pest has been under control at present and its impact on the corn production this year is limited.

Rising soybean price has elevated breeding cost, and some farmers have suffered loss in pig breeding.

Agricultural insurance needs further promotion in China.

Low gain in agricultural production has caused land abandonment in China.

Tiantang Guigu invests in pig breeding industry
Sunner Development to triple broiler chicken capacity in future 5 years
Three pesticide companies proceeding with IPO
Zhejiang’s private capital rushes into agricultural industry
NDRC’s new policy may hard to control edible oil price
China to revise Rural Land Contract Law
China releases 12th Five-Year National Program for Rural Economic Development
China’s grain import this year may exceed the high level in 2004
Armyworm’s impact on corn production to be limited
Rising soybean price lifts breeding cost
Low gain in agricultural production causes land abandonment
Agricultural insurance needs further promotion in China
Income gap among rural households reportedly extends
China’s soybean import hits a new high in first seven months of 2012
Unused import quota of agricultural produces to be redistributed
Qingdao bonded area witnesses cotton overstock
China’s pesticide technical output increases by 21.70% in H1 2012
MOA warns blind capacity expansion of ordinary wheat flour processing
World Bank grants loan for Guangdong’s agricultural pollution control
Guangdong Tiandi Food to explore market outside Guangdong


Zhejiang Tiantang Guigu Investment Group Management Co., Ltd.; Changsha TTGG Dakang Industry Develop Partnership Limited; Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming Co., Ltd.; Fujian-based Sunner Development Co., Ltd. ; Jiangsu Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co., Ltd.; Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

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