Sadaf Petrochemical Assalouyeh is Entering Asian Market with Eco-Friendly Emulsive Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Jan 27th, 2017

Sadaf Petrochemical Assalouyeh intends to export out the surplus of emulsive styrene butadiene rubber (ESBR). The greater part of ESBR will be supplied to local manufacturers while the rest part will be delivered to Asia due to the growing demand for this product among foreign producers. Sadaf Petrochemical considers India, China and Turkey the most favourable the destination markets for the export of ESBR.

ESBR manufacture is an innovative project for Iran. ESBR is an environmentally-green product as all hazardous substances are removed in the production process. Sadaf Petrochemical plans to produce about 78,000 tonnes of bivinyl rubber from ESBR and 59,000 of stiff rubber. For this particular process, the company needs tonnes of such raw materials as divinyl, styrene and aromatic oil. In March 2017 Iran will provide the first supply of emulsive styrene butadiene rubber to destination markets.

The product stands out for its high quality which is due to the high standards provided by the grantor of licence. The license for industrial technology was obtained by Iran from the Italian company Versalis that has attested the technology of ESBR manufacture as one of the most innovative in the world.

Among the crucial factors for the development of the project, in particular for its revenues, the experts point the price for oil. The maximum sales of ESBR are expected in 2018. The company is sure that the consumers will quickly appreciate such advantages of ESBR as environmental friendliness, higher car safety and high gas mileage.