Manali petrochemicals increases the production of polyols

Oct 21st, 2016

The production of polyols at the plants of Manali Petrochemicals, India will continue to grow. At the moment the company produces 50 thousand tonnes of polyols per year. In 2019 -2020, the company plans to increase investment to $ 160 million. This will allow increasing the production of polyols from 50 thousand tonnes to 150 thousand tonnes per year. The investment campaign will be held in three stages. In 2016, the production will increase to 75 tonnes, and in subsequent years they add 25 tonnes.

Polyol (or: polyester, polyalcohol) is the basis for the production of complex polymers that make up plastic masses, casting resins, polyurethanes, paints and other chemical products. The production of polyol began in the 1940-ies. The vast majority of these high molecular alcohols is obtained from products of the oil refining industry. Similar base, consisting of a complex of hydroxyl groups, can be obtained from natural renewable raw materials, for example, vegetable oils.

According to Manali, the Indian market for polyols is 500 h. tonnes annually. Unlike national companies, foreign petrochemical companies such as BASF, Bayer, Dow, Huntsman and Shell are key participants in the region. The investment will enable Manali Petrochemicals to improve manufacturing facilities with the newest technologies and thereby enhance the production of polyols. As a result, the company will have more ability to enter the world market for polyols.