Major Perchloroethylene Producers Use Opportunities Offered by Tight Chinese Market According to Merchant Research & Consulting, Ltd.

Sep 1st, 2011

LONDON – The Chinese perchloroethylene (PCE) market is growing at fast pace. The boosting demand is hardly met by the supply volumes. The supply limitations on the market give way to major international perchloroethylene producers to expand their presence in China and launch new projects in this sector.

At the same time the developed economies can hardly boast of their perchloroethylene demand. There is a sustainable strong move to decline the use of perchloroethylene in many applications. Newly adopted legislation, environmental claims and new-age equipment are altogether relatively successful in reducing the volumes of perchloroethylene used in cleaning applications.  Still there is no smashing technology that can pose competitive threat to perchloroethylene in dry cleaning. Thus the market for perchloroethylene in advanced countries will still witness quiet growth rates of around 1-2% in the foreseeable future.

Detailed overview and future projections on global, regional and country markets of perchloroethylene can be found in the new market research study “Perchloroethylene (PCE): 2011 World Market Outlook And Forecast” that offers key knowledge of the present perchloroethylene market landscape, historical background and outlooks and presents topical data on the key perchloroethylene market parameters.

Report Details:

Perchloroethylene (PCE): 2011 World Market Outlook And Forecast
Published: June, 2011
Pages: 105

The study offers cutting-edge information on perchloroethylene market. It delves into a detailed discussion of the following key issues:

  • perchloroethylene market participants (producers and suppliers) and their activities;
  • perchloroethylene production, consumption and trade statistics;
  • perchloroethylene major developments and market trends;
  • perchloroethylene recent prices;
  • perchloroethylene market projections through 2016;
  • projected market volumes and prices.

The research on perchloroethylene has been worked out by Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd, an internationally recognized market research agency, specializing in chemical industry. “Perchloroethylene (PCE): 2011 World Market Outlook And Forecast” is included into the catalogue “Petrochemicals”, which also includes Benzene, Caprolactam (CPL), Ethylbenzene (EB), Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Melamine, Orthoxylene, Paraxylene, Phenol, Phthalic Anhydride (PA), Toluene markets.



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